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Natural design and simple style, here is what your new house needs!

Natural design and simple style, here is what your new house needs!

Natuzzi and Ligne Roset products in China thanks to the Eurooo project

On 12th November 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some products during the Xishang Rose Yuan project in Hangzhou, southern China. The products delivered and installed by Eurooo are some Natuzzi and Ligne Roset products. Let's discover them together!

Natuzzi - La Scala sofa

The Natuzzi sofa is a classic for all furnishing enthusiasts, thanks to the many years of experience and to its modern design and handwork, features present in every Natuzzi product. Natuzzi's master craftsmen devote themselves to the entire production of all Natuzzi sofas: from the selection of materials, to the assembly of the structure until they sit on it, in all products their continuous passion and professionalism keep shining.

La Scala sofa | Natuzzi | Eurooo

La Scala sofa by Natuzzi

Born in southern Italy, Natuzzi was born in 1959 with Pasquale Natuzzi. Starting from the enthusiasm and the strong passion for his work, Pasquale Natuzzi has been able to transmit his passion to his team and, thanks to the continuous efforts and great commitment together, they have been able to turn a small company into one of the biggest Italian furniture companies.

La Scala sofa | Natuzzi | Eurooo

La Scala sofa installed by Eurooo in China

Natuzzi - Re-vive quilted chair

The Re-vive quilted chair fully conveys the artistic meticulousness and attention to detail applied by Natuzzi. As regards to the continuous search for novelties in the world of furniture, to the innovative design, the precise processing of the leather and to the meticulous assemblage of the frame, all Natuzzi products are impeccable, unique and impactful.

Re-vive quilted chair | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Re-vive quilted chair installed by Eurooo in China

Comfort and softness are the basic principles for the design of this armchair. The special ergonomics studied according to the body silhouette allows the right rest, reaching a new level of comfort, even in an armchair. Moreover, the matching footrest allows you to stretch your legs and thus guarantee the absolute rest.

Re-vive quilted chair | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Re-vive quilted chair by Natuzzi

Natuzzi - Herman coffee table

This combination coffee table, with different shapes and with a variable size, creates the right contrast with the softness of the sofa and armchair described above. This contrast manages to give shape to a unique, creative and different space. Easy to move and to combine, the Herman coffee table also saves space, making the environment less sophisticated but not predictable.

Herman coffee table | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Herman coffee table by Natuzzi

Ligne Roset - Ploum sofa

Designed specifically for the modern man who wants furniture in the right style and artistic taste, all Ligne Roset products possess the typical French traits such as grace, sinuousness and creativity. Thanks to the unusual and always elegant style, the Ploum sofa becomes the choice of all those who want a romantic but at the same time comfortable product.

Ploum sofa | Ligne Roset | Eurooo

Ploum sofa by Ligne Roset

With bold ideas and an unconventional design, this Ligne Roset sofa is composed by three layers of foam with different densities, so as to ensure the correct distribution of the body and thus the maximum rest. The refined materials, the attention to detail and the elegant appearance make the Ploum sofa not banal at all.

Ploum sofa | Ligne Roset | Eurooo

Ploum sofa by Ligne Roset

If you are interested in the products described above or you want to send your products to China thanks to the 360° service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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