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Three brands for a comfortable lounge

Three brands for a comfortable lounge

The best way to have a comfortable living room is to have comfortable seats: La Seggiola, Minotti and Calligaris are the three brands we chose for you.


LA SEGGIOLA is a leading company in the production and marketing of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories. Its products are designed and manufactured to meet every need, specializing in the supply of furniture for the home, both for offices, shops, and garden. His thirty years of experience in the sector allowed him to create a vast production of chairs and tables, managing to produce over 2000 models.

CANDY chair | La Seggiola | eurooo.com

CANDY chair | La Seggiola

Over time it has managed to establish itself on the market thanks to the collaboration of designers and professionals in the sector always looking for innovative products that can take into account the needs of the market and the latest trends.

Its success is also due to the excellent quality-price ratio that distinguishes its articles: chairs, tables, stools, accessories, shoe racks, office furniture, garden chairs, bar chairs, restaurants and commercial activities.

BILLIONAIRE COOL chair | La Seggiola | eurooo.com

BILLIONAIRE COOL chair | La Seggiola

Professionalism and attention to detail are the strengths of this all-Italian company, which has made quality its trademark. The materials and coatings are selected with care and attention, so as to provide the guarantee of a reliable and durable product.

Within La Seggiola vast exhibition you can find a wide range of items and everything you need to furnish your indoor and outdoor environments: comfortable and functional indoor chairs to furnish the living room of your home, or even chairs and tables outside to furnish your garden.


Italian brand furniture MINOTTI has a history of 60 years.  Compared to other brands, Minotti represents a unique design, elegant, discerning and fashionable. The biggest feature of Minotti is the use of cotton fabric and leather as main materials for the production of chairs, bedroom furniture, carpets and bedspreads.

COLETTE armchair | Minotti | eurooo.com

COLETTE armchair | Minotti

The selection of fabrics is the main strength of Minotti furnitures and also taking care of the basic quality conditions. Minotti's tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and the pursuit of high quality and unique design makes Minotti famous worldwide.

Minotti pays close attention to the raw materials of the leather and burlap. Minotti uses modern technology to polish leather. A careful revision of each and every detail embodies the overall creativity of the brand.

PRINCE "CORD" INDOOR armchair | Minotti | eurooo.com

PRINCE "CORD" INDOOR armchair | Minotti

When form, material and color come together, exclusive solutions are born, the result of the best design. Here then is a rich selection to reorganize the heart of the house with a functional and innovative touch. Wide dining tables and versatile chairs are broken down into essential lines, bright colors and top quality materials, to give the contemporary living an even more contemporary look. It represents a unique design, elegant, discerning and fashionable. Every detail is accomplished and is in tune with an overall design of the product.


CALLIGARIS design and create beautiful, highly functional furniture that suits many different styles of home. The Calligaris brand has made a name for itself internationally with outstanding furnishings of modern design and impeccable finishes. In recent years, the Italian company has expanded its product range with new models of chairs, tables, beds, sofas and decorative accessories. Wood is no longer the sole protagonist, and other materials—such as metal, plastic, leather, and glass—are being used to produce practical and innovative furnishings with a clear Nordic influence.

VENUS chair | Calligaris | eurooo.com

VENUS chair | Calligaris

Calligaris is known worldwide for their passion for innovation and experimentation, which is why they employ international designers as well: being an Italian company with style and luxury in their DNA doesn’t mean they don’t recognize the importance of exchanging ideas and new projects with brilliant minds from different backgrounds. Today, Calligaris has become so popular both in Italy and overseas, that it can boast 620 sales points across the whole globe, distributed in more than 100 countries, plus 4 flagship stores, one of which is in London. Calligaris' ethos is based on a balance between technique and aesthetics, reason and emotion, and this is evident in many of their creations.

MARGOT chair | Calligaris | eurooo.com

MARGOT chair | Calligaris

Calligaris represents the story of an almost century-old brand that has become the symbol of Italian design, and the foresight of those who saw the acquisition as an opportunity to grow beyond national borders to be able to run faster with a stronger management structure grown with the experience with global markets.

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