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Poltrona Frau, Natuzzi, Fritz Hansen and Serip arrive in China

Poltrona Frau, Natuzzi, Fritz Hansen and Serip arrive in China

Discover the three Eurooo projects in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai

Italian and European furniture is the perfect blend of years of experience in the field of art. The particular design makes every piece of furniture not only functional but also a work of art and a strong presence in the living space. Safe, functional but also beautiful to look at. Let’s discover some Italian and European brands arrived in China thanks to three Eurooo projects.

Project n. 1: 3rd December 2018, New World Lizun villa in Beijing

Poltrona Frau

Established in 1912, Poltrona Frau continues to want to improve its technologies and manufacturing processes, combining modern aesthetics and implementing a rigorous process of working materials in order to create a classic, elegant and highly-reputed end product.

Almo 2-seater sofa | Poltrona Frau | Eurooo

Almo 2-seater sofa by Poltrona Frau

The enveloping design of the Almo 2-seater sofa breaks with the traditional shape of the sofa, making the set even more elegant. The high backrest makes the seat even more comfortable and at the same time increases the elegance of the whole product.

Mamy Blue double bed

The headboard of the Mamy Blue double bed, like a crown, has a noble and elegant design. The high-level technologies and meticulous workmanship combine perfectly in this Mamy Blue double bed. The sinuous lines, combined with a modern style, make the whole soft and refined.

Mamy Blue double bed | Poltrona Frau | Eurooo

Mamy Blue double bed by Poltrona Frau

Precious leather covers the entire structure and adds that sense of elegance and lightness to the entire product, without neglecting the comfort required. The details, made by elegant leather and thanks to a meticulous workmanship, make the Mamy Blue double bed an excellence.

Mamy Blue double bed | Poltrona Frau | Eurooo

Mamy Blue double bed by Poltrona Frau


Through the choice of quality materials and a sophisticated design, Natuzzi creates products with a remarkable structure. At the same time, the attention paid to production and even to minimal details allows Natuzzi to pursue very high-quality standards.

Pi Greco chair | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Pi Greco chair by Natuzzi

Project n. 2: 3rd December 2018, Huarun Yue residence, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Fritz Hansen

Bright and luminous style, curvilinear design, soft colors: these are the characteristics of the Ro armchair, available with its matching footrest.

Ro armchair | Fritz Hansen | Eurooo

Ro armchair with footrest by Fritz Hansen

Project n. 3: 3rd December 2018, Hongqiao residence in Shanghai


Founded in 1961, Serip develops a production focused on classical style. Over the years, Serip has also specialized in other styles and has developed products with multiple designs. Three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship accompany the history of Serip, a creative bridge between artisans and designers from all over the world.

Ceiling lamp PL329/12 | Serip | Eurooo

PL329/12 ceiling lamp by Serip

The design of this PL329/12 chandelier is inspired by nature. The structure is made up of many small light bulbs that recall the shape of a tree. Casual and unpretentious, sinuous and natural, with the perfect combination of glass and metal. Breaking with traditional design, Serip wants to create chandeliers in which light is the real protagonist.

Ceiling lamp PL329/12 | Serip | Eurooo

PL329/12 ceiling lamp by Serip

If you are interested in the products described above or you want to ship your products in China thanks to the 360° service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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