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Altacom fits your life!

Altacom fits your life!

Not enough space in the living room? Not enough space at the table for all your guests? The solution to all your problems is Altacom! Furnishing accessories that fits you and your needs!

Born at the end of the 80s, the ALTACOM brand is the direct descendant of the Metacom family company. Since the beginning, Altacom distinguishes itself on a regional and national scale for the production of furnishing accessories, made in function of the management of living spaces. In fact, by attending the modern transformations of the society, and the gradual evolution of living spaces, increasingly reduced, Altacom has started to create furniture that can perfectly adapt to rooms of any size. As the chameleons conform to the color of the external habitat to camouflage or to blend in, Altacom furniture adapts themselves, in terms of sizes, to the spaces in which they are placed, creating a particular sense of harmony and homogeneity in any situation... even in smaller rooms!

ARES BOOK table | Altacom | eurooo.com

ARES BOOK table | Altacom

ARES FOLD table | Altacom | eurooo.com

ARES FOLD table | Altacom

Altacom collections present a wide range of different products for the home: transformable coffee tables, extractable and retractable consoles, adjustable height dining tables suitably complemented by modern or minimal style chairs, armchairs and even stools coordinated in materials and finishes.

SAKURA table | Altacom | eurooo.com

SAKURA table | Altacom

SAKURA table | Altacom | eurooo.com

 SAKURA table | Altacom

Altacom has demonstrated, over the years, extraordinary interpretative skills; Altacom's special attention to what is "function" and "multi-function" has allowed the company to firmly position itself in the furniture market, and to be able to continuously offer a wider and more complete range of products, always in renewal and constantly evolving.

GINGILLO table | Altacom | eurooo.com

GINGILLO table | Altacom

GINGILLO table | Altacom | eurooo.com

GINGILLO table | Altacom

The strength and the particularity of Altacom is that the brand comes to life from the Metacom company, a company specialized in the processing of metals at all levels. Altacom, therefore, is a real producer of its furnishing accessories from the beginning to the end of the production process; Altacom has a well-equipped, technologically and very flexible industrial structure that allows to create models in series, but also to adapt to the requests and personal needs of each customer, or perform customizations on products in series for those who request them.

SUN table | Altacom | eurooo.com

SUN table | Altacom

SUN table | Altacom | eurooo.com

SUN table | Altacom

The constant research, the desire for innovation, the passion and the quality of raw materials, are the fundamental points sought by Altacom during the production of each single product. From this comes another fundamental factor for Altacom: the quality-price ratio, one of the best in the business!

Thanks to the long experience gained on the national and international market, the intrinsic qualities of reliability of the company, the ability to adapt to the needs of everyday life, and thanks to the functionality and practicality of its furnishing accessories, Altacom is now a brand which one could not do without. Because Altacom fits your life!

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