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BE and MOOOI: eclectic diversity in furniture

BE and MOOOI: eclectic diversity in furniture

BE and MOOOI blend aesthetics with freedom of mind and love for design, creating unique and exclusive products that will be able to steal your heart.

Among the multitude of existing furniture brands today, few are still able to offer solutions that perfectly manage to combine functionality with the values of freedom of mind. BE and MOOOI represent the exception because, thanks to their collections of interior design furniture, light, colored, exclusive, daring and playful, these two brands have climbed the obstacles of international markets, becoming leading brands in the furniture sector.



RETRO 500 coffee table | RETRO ESPRESSO desk | RETRO BRANCO/CARRARA cabinet | BE | eurooo.com

RETRO 500 coffee table | RETRO ESPRESSO desk | RETRO BRANCO/CARRARA cabinet | BE

BE-Mobiliário Inteligente is a Brazilian brand specialized in the production of furnishing accessories for the home and office. BE is constantly launching new products and collections, which are created thanks to the processing and processing of the highest quality raw materials; the result is a constantly evolving creative design that combines with the quality of craftsmanship.

RETRO ESPRESSO desk | RETRO BRANCO TX bedside table | BE | eurooo.com

RETRO ESPRESSO desk | RETRO BRANCO TX bedside table | BE

Within the vast collections of BE you can find a range of products more than varied: from bedside tables, chairs, desks, tables, etc. In addition, BE offers customization services to adapt each product to the needs of consumers.

CORDEL wine rack | BE | eurooo.com

CORDEL wine rack | BE

Three principles guide the development of BE products: modernity, design and practicality. With this, the company offers bold design furniture, aligned with innovative aesthetic concepts and highly effective in their functionality.

SOUL bookcase | BE | eurooo.com

SOUL bookcase | BE


ALTDEUTSCHE chest of drawers | Moooi | eurooo.com

ALTDEUTSCHE chest of drawers | Moooi

MOOOIis an internationally recognized brand, founded in Netherlands; since the beginning, Moooi's professionalism and innovations have allowed the company to expand its production horizons at a rapid pace, thus opening different showrooms in key cities and strategic locations.

SMOKE armchair | Moooi | eurooo.com

SMOKE armchair | Moooi

The Moooi brand has always brought a touch of beauty to furnishing homes, offices and hotel rooms with iconic and innovative furniture and lighting. Moooi's aesthetic blends the unique character of antique taste with the freshness of modern design, offering a style that has neither comparisons nor rivals.

TURBO high side table | Moooi | eurooo.com

TURBO high side table | Moooi

The company philosophy is to believe that design is, above all, a matter of love. That's why there are no categorical orders in Moooi, but there is room for freedom, imagination, imagination and creativity of designers, who can find space and opportunities to express their inventiveness.

CANAL chair | Moooi | eurooo.com

CANAL chair | Moooi

With this unique and iconic mix of lights, furniture and accessories that survives in everyday interiors, Moooi creates interior environments decorated with a variety of patterns and colors to embrace any type of space and make people of different ages, cultures and personalities with their homes.

PAPER PATCHWORK Cabinet | Moooi | eurooo.com

PAPER PATCHWORK cabinet | Moooi

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