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This is where the business begins! Actiu and UniFor: office tables to be successful!

This is where the business begins! Actiu and UniFor: office tables to be successful!

The table is the essence of the office: we work, we make meetings, we make decisions. Which tables can demonstrate our seriousness and professionalism? Let's find out Actiu and UniFor!

The office is one of the places where we spend most of our time, second only to their home (even if sometimes the situation is reversed!). It is however out of the question that it is in the office, at the workplace, that we demonstrate our skills and abilities, our seriousness and our professionalism; it is the place where we can gain enormous satisfactions, or great sorrows, or in which we become more and more blindly angry.

For this reason, office furniture plays a very important role in our life: a place in disorder and with crumbling furniture makes us lose all the determination necessary to make us get to the friday afternoon. What to do then? Very simple: to be successful in work and in business one must first of all take care of the environment around us. In fact, it is also our business card for potential customers.

To have a cutting edge office, which gives the impression of order and cleanliness (not only in the physical sense, but also in the working sense), and that transmits our professionalism, we must furnish it with taste. For this reason, today we present four brands that could be for you if you want to freshen up your office furniture: ACTIU and UNIFOR.



Actiu is a Spanish company specialized in the production and production of office furniture. Actiu's corporate philosophy is based on the evident change of the workplace, understood from a conceptual point of view. In fact, it stopped being just a physical environment containing furniture for workers, and became a space for opportunities; the use of the office space allows companies to cultivate their own challenges at the same time and safeguard the well-being of their employees.

POWER office table | Actiu | eurooo.com

POWER office table | Actiu

POWER is an office table system that combines design and technology to create versatile and height-adjustable work stations that promote mobility and physical well-being at the workplace.

TWIST office table | Actiu | eurooo.com

TWIST office table | Actiu


Its light appearance does not affect its surprisingly robust structure. TWIST has been designed with a unique connection system that allows the installation of the table in any environment. In addition, Twist is suitable for team collaborations: sharing the same table, but always keeping your personal space, can only increase productivity.

PRISMA office table | Actiu | eurooo.com

PRISMA office table | Actiu

PRISMA is a table with a refined design, but which conceals a very complex structure. The junction of its legs, shaped like a pyramid, appears as a single piece: a challenge of its design and production process.


The message that Actiu expresses thanks to its office furniture is to respect the personal needs of freedom and independence through a collaborative working model, because only through collaboration can one increase the productivity of the team.



UniFor, a Molteni Group company founded in 1969, develops and implements solutions for the contemporary office space. The systems and products offered by UniFor are designed to meet the demands of a very demanding and complex market. The high quality and specialization standards of UniFor are clearly shown in every single production: from mass-produced products and special supplies, to customized executions, to customized products.

MOODWAY conference table | UniFor | eurooo.com

MOODWAY conference table | UniFor

Designed to facilitate the use of an increasingly present technology without ever being invasive, MOODWAY tables are characterized by high technical and safety performance, combined with a formal research in contemporary style.

NAOS conference table | UniFor | eurooo.com

NAOS conference table | UniFor

Designed to meet the furnishing requirements of the most exclusive work environments, the NAÒS conference table is continually enriched with new meanings, able to consistently interpret the evolution of the use of the office space.

UniFor constantly proposes innovative solutions for the office, made with industrial design elements with a high aesthetic and functional content, all rigorously manufactured with selected materials and using advanced processing methods.

LESSLESS desk | UniFor | eurooo.com

LESSLESS desk | UniFor

Lightness, compositional rigor, research on materials, study of colors, use of cutting-edge technology are the fundamental features of the LESSLESS desk. Entirely made of aluminum using advanced technologies and skilled industrial processes, the LessLess desk has exclusive functionality and refined elegance.

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