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Cavallo Sofà: the Sicilian beauty for your living room sofa

Cavallo Sofà: the Sicilian beauty for your living room sofa

From Sicily, land of charm and traditions, the best of Italy! We will present you Cavallo Sofà: the full beauty of the sofa

Cavallo Sofà is a company of furniture and furnishing accessories born in Partenico, city of the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. The sofas, armchairs and accessories are handmade, according to the true tradition of craftsmanship. The artisan and sartorial know-how combined with a technological know-how allow to obtain the maximum of aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics. The materials are carefully selected by the style center according to certified quality criteria, which make each sofa, armchair and bed a truly unique piece.

The feature that makes the product unique is: extreme personalization, the intrinsic functionality of each model and above all the guarantee of a "tailor-made comfort", cut on the individual needs of the person.

ELYL sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

ELYL sofa | Cavallo Sofà

ELYL sofa combines the simplicity of the basic elements and the multiplicity of possible configurations. The sofa in its modern evolution. Elyl presents dry lines and geometric volumes, in a perfectly calibrated synthesis with welcoming and generous seats.

ELYL-X sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

ELYL-X sofa | Cavallo Sofà

ELYL-X sofa has very classic lines that are well suited to any atmosphere and any style of furniture. Elyl-X is the sofa protagonist of the living area: extra-large proportions, soft look, informal style, a true island of comfort to live in complete freedom.


Being able to respond to the individual needs of well-being with products that can be configured as desired - which allow you to choose between different sizes, padding hardness, coverings, bases and manual or motorized relaxation systems - is, in fact, the cornerstone on which the philosophy of brand Cavallo Sofà.

ROMA sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

ROMA sofa | Cavallo Sofà

ROMA sofa by Cavallo Sofà is a sofa able to recreate the lively and sparkling atmosphere typical of the city from which it takes its name. Extremely versatile as can be a wide or narrow dress, ideal for the city and for a holiday, warm or light, suitable for any situation, in winter or summer, Roma sofa will make you relive in your moments of relaxation , the magic of Fellini's Roman Dolce Vita.

TORINO sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

TORINO sofa | Cavallo Sofà

The shape of TORINO sofa recalls vintage lines, updating them with an extremely sophisticated packaging, both of the seat cushions and of the external covering that wraps it, designed in fabric or leather, to create a highly elegant material play, just like the Italian city .


An approach that focuses attention on the person and his needs in terms of rest and recreation, not forgetting the importance of an appealing design, fresh and always new. This is how armchairs and sofas are born that, thanks to the ability to make real experiences of well-being, want to offer the Italian market new opportunities to enjoy the living area pleasantly.

SORENTO sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

SORENTO sofa | Cavallo Sofà

The style of the SORENTO sofa by Cavallo Sofà is lightened by the sinuous lines of the armrests which, gently embracing the seat cushions, make the moments of rest even more pleasant. The refined and enveloping line of the Sorento sofa is therefore underlined by the soft curve of the shell that draws the armrest and which accommodates a soft-shaped back cushion.

KELEBEK sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

KELEBEK sofa | Cavallo Sofà

The KELEBEK sofa is a sofa with a simple style, but with a strong temperament and great comfort. With its strong formal identity and impeccable proportions, the Kelebek sofa becomes the protagonist of the space that welcomes it, both residential and hospitality.

Cavallo Sofà works with architects, experts in raw materials, upholsterers, artisans and interior designers who collaborate in all stages of production: from design to delivery to the final customer. All their work is aimed at ensuring every product aesthetic, comfort, functionality and optimization of all materials to achieve an excellent quality-price ratio.

LUNA sofa | Cavallo Sofà | eurooo.com

LUNA sofa | Cavallo Sofà

A sofa with balanced proportions and a high level of comfort, the LUNA sofa embodies a contemporary and successful design. The lines of the structure, like those of the seat, recall the silhouette of the half-moon; sitting on the Luna sofa, you will enjoy the bliss of your home.

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