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Marazzi, the grace of a mosaic for your stoneware floor

Marazzi, the grace of a mosaic for your stoneware floor

Marazzi is the best known brand in the ceramic tile industry. If you are looking to give your home the elegance of a Byzantine mosaic, Marazzi is the one for you!

MARAZZI was founded in 1935 in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, when what would become the Italian "district" of ceramic still did not exist, an area that would become the pole at the international level in the creation of ceramic tiles valuable and grown over the decades together with the company.


Since then, Marazzi is now present in 140 countries and booming in the Middle East and in the Far East, has always been the forerunner in the sector. In fact, at present, Marazzi is universally recognized as a synonym of quality ceramics for floors and walls, it is also the symbol of the best Made in Italy in the furniture and design sector. In fact, Marazzi is responsible for the main technological, process and design innovations in the tile sector - some of which represent important pieces in the history of modern ceramics - that have made the company and the district a point of reference for the entire world of ceramics.

MYSTONE GRIS FLEURY | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com



MYSTONE GRIS FLEURY takes inspiration from a stone of French origin characterized by a slight lightening of the background colors. Very natural stone effect tiles ideal for environments with a classic or metropolitan flavor depending on the colors and surfaces available in 5 sizes.


From January 28th to February 1st 2019, Marazzi took part at the Cevisama international fair, the ceramics and bathroom articles exhibition held every year in Valencia. Among the flagship collections presented by Marazzi there was: Art, refined reproduction of the Venetian plantation; Allmarble, the timeless marble effect that is enriched with 5 new material interpretations; D_Segni Scaglie e Colore, the characteristic 20x20 that reinterprets the charm of the “cementine”, handmade artistic tiles; Mystone Basalto, the stone effect stoneware inspired by the homonymous rock of lava origin.



MYSTONE BASALTO is a Marazzi collection inspired by lava stone, characterized by a very compact structure. Mystone Basalto is made in 5 sizes and in 4 colors: Pumice, Sand, Lead and Lava. The collection is enriched by decorations, mosaics and special pieces. The structured version of Mystone Basalto widens the possibilities of its application to outdoor spaces.

D_SEGNI SCAGLIE | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com


D_SEGNI SCAGLIE | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com



D_SEGNI SCAGLIE is inspired by the Venetian planting and presents inside shiny and opaque marble chips that create interesting light effects on the surface. D_Segni Scaglie is available in six colors, combined with seven rug decors and a mix decoration made with 15 different subjects.


The strengths of Marazzi, those that have allowed the Italian company to conquer the top of the ceramics and interior and exterior cladding sector in Italy and internationally, as well as to continuously confirm its leadership and proudly wave the Italian tricolor are: the constant attitude to research and experimentation, the ability to anticipate changes and developments in living, architecture and design, attention to the environment and sustainability.

TREVERKMUST | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com


TREVERKMUST | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com


The TREVERKMUST collection brings back the taste of bleached and oil treated boards with a double proposal: large stuccoed knots, veins and chromatic variations in the basic version, and knot-free graphics for the finest alternative Selection. To expand the design potential, the versatile Chevron format, to combine an essential elegance with a cultured and cosmopolitan style.


Quality for Marazzi means quality of products, environmental sustainability and respect for workers' safety, attentions that have allowed the company to certify its systems and products. For Marazzi, loving ceramic means always respecting the environment, understood as a human and natural landscape.


Marazzi is the spokesman of an eco-sustainable industry and has contributed to making ceramics a closed-cycle production. Throughout the entire production process, Marazzi has developed a system for collecting and using production waste, working water, the raw materials contained in them and the heat generated in some phases. An ecological quality of the entire industrial cycle that allows to limit the consumption of natural resources and reduce the environmental impact thanks to the morphological and vegetational restoration of the quarries, the controlled management of waste, the optimization of energy consumption and the reuse of industrial waters .

LITHOS | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com

LITHOS | Marazzi

LITHOS | Marazzi | Trend setter 2019 | eurooo.com

LITHOS | Marazzi


A careful selection of eight varieties of marble makes up the LITHOS collection by Marazzi, featuring a glossy surface with refined graphics, for a range of tiles of great realism and beauty. Thanks to the wide variety of elements decorated in relief, mosaics, elegant geometries and floral motifs, the collection allows to create extremely modern spaces and environments rich in decoration, always with the refined elegance that distinguishes every Marazzi collection.

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