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The collaboration with Romany: exclusive fabrics for furniture

The collaboration with Romany: exclusive fabrics for furniture

Following the 22nd meeting of Casaitaliana-Eurooo, let’s discover the reality of Romany, one of the company's business partners, represented by the owner Angelo Romanini.

After the 22nd meeting held today, 28th February 2019, at the Milan headquarters of Casaitaliana-Eurooo, let's get familiar with the colorful reality of Romany, present in the textile sector for 40 years now.

With accumulated experience and great qualities, Angelo Romanini began his career in the textile world as a distributor and referent in Italy for important foreign brands. The opening, then, of its own commercial activity also leads to the creation of its own collections, creating fabrics suitable for all furnishing accessories and wallcoverings. Thanks to the collaboration with some interior designers all over the world and with the support of several retailers and collaborators such as Casaitaliana-Eurooo, Romany's expansion has been going on for some time without stopping.

Meeting 28th february | Casaitaliana-Eurooo

The approach to the textile world takes place in the province of Como, northern Italy, an area famous for its enormous heritage in the textile sector. The innovative and absolutely exclusive idea of Romany is to use clothing fabrics in the furniture sector, maintaining the peculiarity and refinement of the materials used.

What characterize the exclusivity of Romany fabrics are the workmanship and the huge range of colors available. All the products by Romany are in fact made to measure for the customers and what the company aims at is a high level of customization of the requested product, offering a variety of over 230 colors and infinite combinations available. Product samples can be requested and are provided by the company within 10-15 days.

The great versatility of the fabrics allows them to be used in both classic and contemporary settings, ensuring the respect for the style of the whole living-space. All fabrics by Romany are also adaptable to walls and not only to furnishing accessories. Thanks to the TNT support, in fact, the fabric becomes fireproof, hypoallergenic and anti-mold, as well as suitable for any kind of wall.

Romany fabrics are not marketed but used specifically for some specific projects, even abroad. Romany was the protagonist, together with some experienced interior designers, of a supply of 2000 meters of silk for a house in Morocco, as well as of a private project in Lagos, Nigeria.

The uniqueness in the quality and variety of fabrics is also accompanied by hugely reduced costs and a significant reduction in production and delivery times of all the materials. In fact, once the fabrics are made, they are immediately delivered, thus reducing the cost of storage in the warehouse and providing merely a price of production.

Meeting 28th february | Casaitaliana-Eurooo

The collaboration with Casaitaliana-Eurooo began two years ago, following a chance meeting between Angelo Romanini and Alberto Erba, business associate of Casaitaliana-Eurooo. The relationship has intensified more and more and the goal of this collaboration is to bring Romany's products to China and all over the world, relying on the visibility guaranteed by the online platforms of Casaitaliana-Eurooo. No project has been started yet but much has been done. Like every seed, the collaboration project between Romany and Casaitaliana-Eurooo must be cultivated, in order to collect precious fruits in the future.

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