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Artemide: you do not live only on light bulbs, you live on innovation

The project by Eurooo at the Legend Mansion in Beijing with some products by Artemide

06 March 2019 183 0

The Legend Mansion in Beijing belongs to a residential area of low-density in the capital, located in the business district and in the economic heart of the city.

On 1st February 2018, Eurooo successfully completed the delivery and the installation of some products by Artemide, bringing to China the light of the Italian charm and of the quality workforce that distinguishes us.

Artemide is always at the forefront of the "lighting design" sector. The particular skills of the artisans of Artemide and the always innovative products have allowed the company to stand out in the international market. There are numerous Artemide products used in the major art museums of the world and just as many purchased as collector's items.

The Logico ceiling lamp is a real work of art. Modular and available also in the table, pendant and wall versions, the Logico lamp is entirely in blown glass, produced in different color variations.

Logico ceiling lamp | Artemide | Eurooo

Logico ceiling lamp by Artemide

Artemide considers the appliance as a switch to change the atmosphere of the surrounding environment. According to the president Ernesto Gismondi: "One cannot live on only light bulbs, one lives on innovations". The creation of colored shapes and continuous innovation are in fact what characterizes the Artemide brand.

The New Nature floor lamp is certainly the demonstration of the continuous research conducted by Artemide. The metal column is not illuminated only at the bottom; LED lights are in fact placed along the entire height, allowing a uniform distribution of light.

New Nature floor lamp | Artemide | Eurooo

New Nature floor lamp by Artemide

If you are interested in the products described above or you want to send your products to China thanks to the 360° service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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