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Salone del Mobile.Milan 2019! Molteni&C and Natuzzi – Top Two Italian Sofa Brands!

Salone del Mobile.Milan 2019! Molteni&C and Natuzzi – Top Two Italian Sofa Brands!

The Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 is arriving; discover the leading Italian sofa brands with Eurooo: Natuzzi and Molteni&C, impeccable style, artisan expertise and innovative design.

The major fairs of furniture and furnishing accessories of this early 2019 (see Imm CologneMaison et Objet - ParisBau - Munich) are announcing it: the Salone del Mobile.Milano is now at the door! Eurooo, as a leading platform in the furniture industry, will closely follow every new update coming from the most important furniture fair in Italy, and will guide you to discover the brands, the novelties, and the new trends for the 2019 home décor.


Two of the brands that regularly take part in this important international event are Molteni&C and Natuzzi. Undoubtfully, these top Italian furniture brands have already become true symbols of Italian hand-made quality, impeccable style and innovative modern design. So lets try to find out together what is the secret of their international success, studying the history of their creation and getting acquainted with some of their sofa designs.



Molteni & C is a renowned Italian furniture company and it’s one of the key players in Italian furniture industry. Its design never gets old, in spite of the eighty years of hard and successful work. Undoubtfully, eighty years of experience for a company are a great achievement. Molteni made them in 2015 and the anniversary was celebrated during the Salone del Mobile (The Milan Furniture Fair) with the event 80!Molteni, which was organized at the prestigious Gallery of Modern Art. This show was set up by Jasper Morrison (a famous English product and furniture designer) and it quickly became a legend in the interior design world. The company’s selected pieces of furniture were photographed and exhibited in chronologic sequence, demonstrating all the important periods in the history of the Italian design industry. That is why this show was transformed into a permanent exhibition.

Molteni | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

LUCAS Sofa by Molteni

Molteni & C was founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934 in Giussano, Brianza, the area famous for its artisan furniture production. His small artisan’s workshop grew into a company and later into an important international group, always successfully combining innovative technologies with traditional craftsmanship. We are talking about a story of perseverance, hard work and passion. In the 1950s Molteni was a leader in the production of classical bedroom furniture. The 1960s were the years of Italy’s economic boom and change was in the air. It was the period when influential architects, interior designer and technical experts contributed to the products and their production. Starting from traditional artisans’ techniques, soon Molteni managed to identify its own personal road to success, continuously studying innovative manufacturing methods and new raw materials. Thanks to its intuition and the hard work, Molteni became one of the top 10 Italian furniture brand, famous and renowned not only in Italy but in the whole world.

Molteni | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

STILL Sofa by Molteni

Today there are four branches of the company, each with its own specificity. Molteni & C deals with furniture for home interiors, Unifor manufactures office furniture, Dada is specialized in kitchen furniture and accessories, Citterio produces partitions and office furniture. That is why Molteni manages to produce Italian made design furniture ranging from the most intimate areas of everyday life to large public spaces of representation. Homes, theaters, cruise ships, hotels and residences are part of a courageous program made possible by the complete control of the entire production cycle, starting from the choice of materials.

Molteni | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

REVERSI XL Sofa by Molteni

Albert Sofa a new seating system by Molteni&C that reflects the company’s corporate profile, based on two main key words: tradition and innovative technology, expressed by the leitmotif of perfectly clean and simple lines. This flexible and dynamic model shows how research and craftsmanship have always been an integral part of Molteni’s DNA. Albert Sofa is a brave step forward in the search for a seating system conceived as a flexible structure, that can reshape the new complexity of modern living, marked by extreme planning.

Molteni | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

ALBERT Sofa by Molteni

Undoubtedly, one the most renowned and famous designs created by Molteni is Skin Sofa, created for the company by Jean Nouvel, an influential French designer. A texture crossed by light and suspended in space. The result of many years of collaboration between Jean Nouvel and Molteni&C, Skin is a self-supporting hide leather cover with a special pattern. Leather without body reshapes itself over time so that innovation and memory hold the same form.

Molteni | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

SKIN Sofa by Molteni


If you love interior design and home décor, then undoubtedly there’s an Italian brand that you have already heard: Natuzzi. Natuzzi has already become a real symbol of Italian quality and expertise. Despite becoming an important international producer of luxurious sofas, Natuzzi design furniture is still renowned for the craftsmanship skills of the amazing artisans who produce it, not to mention the creativity of the designers who first create it.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

BALANCE Sofa by Natuzzi

The story of Natuzzi began almost 60 years ago. A small workshop in Puglia grew to become an important company that now exports all over the world. The company was founded in 1959, in a small town in Puglia, a charming region located in southern Italy, by Pasquale Natuzzi who opened his first workshop. Here Pasquale Natuzzi started creating his first sofas that in due time would make him internationally famous, identifying him as one of the greatest Italian artisans and businessmen. Every Natuzzi sofa was entirely handcrafted from the most high-quality materials, putting together the two main features present in all the company’s creations: comfort and style.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

CAPRICCIO Sofa by Natuzzi

Just some years later Natuzzi’s sofas became so popular that Pasquale Natuzzi decided to start producing them industrially. Unfortunately, this successful start was followed by a tragedy. In 1973, just one year after the official establishment of the company Natuzzi Salotti S.r.L, a fire completely destroyed the factory. After that the business was moved to Sanremo in Colle, another small town in Puglia, which is where Natuzzi still has its headquarters today. Thanks to years of hard work, Natuzzi managed to restart its business from scratch, becoming one of the top Italian furniture brands.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

TEMPO Sofa by Natuzzi

Natuzzi built its own history starting from a series of values, considered as the strong roots of the brand. During the 80’s Pasquale Natuzzi made a decision that would change his life and the future of his company forever: he crossed the Atlantic Ocean and went on a trip to the United States. He was firmly convinced that the American market was ready for some Italian excellence. That is why in 1985 he founded Natuzzi Upholstery Inc, which had its headquarters in New York, and started producing a new line of sofas. The high quality of these sofas and their impeccable European style were so undeniable that soon they managed to conquer not only the hearts of American consumers, but also the Wall Street. What a great progress for company that started as a small and humble workshop in Puglia.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

GIO' Sofa by Natuzzi

Designed by Italian architect Claudio Bellini, Don Giovanni features deep ample seats that convey an impression of comfort at first glance. Its soft shapes are contoured by slim armrests and emphasized by removable cushions for extra back support. The die-cast metal feet add a touch of style.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

DON GIOVANNI Sofa by Natuzzi

Herman Sofa was designed by architects Manzoni & Tapinassi. This model is a harmonious, comprehensive and highly modular seating system. A very stylish feature is the external metal support around the backrest and seat, giving dynamism to the structure. Herman is not just a sofa: it is an interior design system made up of different elements that can be combined in various configurations or used alone, adding dynamism and originality to the living area.

Natuzzi | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019 | eurooo.com

HERMAN Sofa by Natuzzi

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