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Smania: unique labor, creative design and customized products

Smania: unique labor, creative design and customized products

The project by Eurooo in Shanghai with some Smania products

On 24th June 2017, Eurooo completed the installation and the distribution of some products by Smania within the Fudi Yuxijiao project in Shanghai.

The real protagonist of this project in China is elegance. Simple and modern decorations but not at all obvious. Smania's high aesthetic consciousness reflects a silent and artistic language capable of producing refinement and quality in all its products. Smania is an excellent tailor of wood, specialized in the production of fabrics and in the selection of very high-quality materials, both fabrics and leather.

Discover the installed products!

Pascal 380 - Double bed

Pascal 380 brings the refinement of geometry to the bedroom. The upholstered bed combines comfort and refinement. The softness distinguishes the headboard and the bed frame, both available with leather or fabric upholstery. The geometric refinement of the headboard is created by the stitching of the padding that draws hexagons and rhombuses giving a sophisticated profile to the Pascal 380 double bed.

Pascal 280 bed | Smania | Eurooo

378 x 215 x 126 cm

Pascal 380 double bed | Smania

Cornelia armchair

Slender, noble and surprisingly soft: this is Cornelia, the Smania armchair that finds its place in the furniture of the classic living room that also contemplates the modern style. The harmony of the lines of the backrest combined with the grace of the legs creates the elegant movement of Cornelia. The result is a comfortable seat that is not easy to resist.

Cornelia armchair | Smania | Eurooo

67 x 85 x 120 cm

Cornelia armchair | Smania

Ermete chest of drawers

Some of the strong points of Smania are polishing, engraving and cutting. Smania knows perfectly well that to dare a soul to a work of art, this must be refined and precious in nature. From this derives the meticulous attention of Smania for materials and details.

Ermete chest of drawers | Smania | Eurooo

155 x 55 x 84 cm

Ermete chest of drawers | Smania

Gramercy 270 desk

Solemn, refined, sinuous and without too many details. The simple design of the Gramercy 270 desk by Smania makes it the protagonist of the office.

Gramercy 270 desk | Smania | Eurooo

271 x 100 x 75 cm

Gramercy 270 desk | Smania

The use of neutral tones, the attention to detail and the choice of materials are the key to Smania's success. Smania products reveal also a typical beauty of the Orient.

If you are interested in the products by Smania described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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