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Porada: the love for wood in the Chinese style | Eurooo

Porada: the love for wood in the Chinese style

The project by Eurooo in Hangzhou with some Porada products

How to preserve the traditional Chinese style by combining it with modern design elements? Porada manages to link two different cultures and two styles, the Italian and the Chinese, creating refined and elegant wooden products, able to satisfy the most disparate tastes. Preserving the elements of one's own culture is certainly fundamental for the Chinese people, and being able to do it with refined and finely crafted furniture like the Italian ones is the strong point on which Porada focuses when exporting its furniture to the world.

The new Chinese style, always linked to the tradition, is a cautious, simple style with soft features. It must be able to adapt to modern lifestyles and aesthetic needs and fully reflect the traditional Chinese elegance. Porada fully interprets the unique temperament of the new Chinese style with precious, natural and elegant wooden furniture!

Founded in 1968, Porada is known worldwide for its elegant taste. By handing down and keeping alive the legacy of traditional craftsmanship, each phase, from the selection of the finest wood to the finishing of the final product, is subjected to rigorous tests. Even the mechanically processed products are then finished by hand in the final stage, to guarantee the perfection of the finished product.

Project by Eurooo: 3rd September 2018, Xinhu Shangri-La in Hangzhou, China

Here are some of the Porada products delivered at Xinhua Shangri-La villa in Hangzhou, southern China.

Infinity table

The natural and warm texture of solid wood gives the Infinity table the right combination of quality and simplicity. The Infinity table has a base in solid canaletta walnut fixed on a metal plate and a tempered glass top. The particular interwoven weave of the base gives movement and lightness to the entire structure, and testifies to the excellent ability of craftsmen to work wood with great skill.

Infinity table | Porada | Eurooo

Infinity table | Porada

Aisha chair

The Aisha chair incorporates the motif and refinement of the Infinity table. With a double frame in solid canaletta walnut, the Aisha chair with curved wood backrest is enriched with a fabric covering available in different colors.

Aisha chair | Porada | Eurooo

Aisha chair | Porada

Armchair Liala Bergere Straw

The Liala Bergere Straw armchair takes up the structure in solid canaletta walnut. The backrest and the armrests are instead woven into Canna d'India, giving the product as a whole the right dose of simplicity without falling into the obvious.

Liala Bergere Straw armchair | Porada | Eurooo

Liala Bergere Straw armchair | Porada

Aura chest of drawers

The perfect combination of technological development and traditional craftsmanship, and functionality and aesthetics is embodied in the Aura chest of drawers. The structure entirely in wood is enriched by handles covered in leather.

Aura chest of drawers | Porada | Eurooo

Aura chest of drawers | Porada

Miyabi console

The Miyabi console is available in oak or canaletta walnut. The veins present are continuous and follow the line of the console. Simple in appearance but complex in its workmanship, in the Miyabi console the craftsmanship is even more outstanding.

Console Miyabi | Porada | Eurooo

Console Miyabi | Porada

Bohème bed

The headboard of the bed, padded and upholstered with the finest fabrics, is accompanied by a frame entirely in solid canaletta walnut. The headboard, fixed to the wall, is also available with LED backlighting. The calm and introverted tone of this bed fits perfectly into the warm and quiet atmosphere of the bedroom.

Bohème bed | Porada | Eurooo

Bohème double bed | Porada

"Everything comes from the love of wood." Porada is inspired by this passion and transforms the most precious materials into real fascinating and irresistible art objects.

If you are interested in the Porada products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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