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Roche Bobois: your romantic dream of luxury

Three projects by Eurooo with some Roche Bobois products

15 March 2019 1194 0

The design of French furniture, regardless of material selection or design, follows a very precise principle, that of considering people as the fulcrum of everything (from the Chinese expression 以 人 为本 yi ren wei ben). As in the case of Porada, Chinese culture is once again able to identify itself with Western design. Roche Bobois creates furniture for the soul, that is, furniture that satisfies both the need for rest but also the need to get excited and to excite.

Eurooo has delivered several Roche Bobois products during three projects in China. Let's see which ones!


Born in 1896 with Jacques Roche, the French brand Roche Bobois takes on a distinctive imprint right from the start. In fact, in the entire production process, Roche Bobois stands out for its great manufacturing and always innovative products. Roche Bobois boasts collaborations with renowned designers such as Kenzo Takada, Ora Ito and Christophe Delcourt) and with large fashion houses throughout the world, including Jean Paul Gaultier and Missoni Home.

Wanxiangfu Project: August 9, 2018, Beijing

Mah Jong modular sofa

The Mah Jong sofa by Roche Bobois is undoubtedly the flagship of the brand and its hallmark. Mah Jong was born in 1971 from the creative genius of Hans Hopfer, who designed a modular sofa based on the concept of freedom in form and function. By applying the principle of a simple cushion in multiple variations, Mah Jong allows infinite combinations, from the most basic to the most creative.

Mah Jong modular sofa | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Mah Jong modular sofa | Roche Bobois

The entire production of Mah Jong is carried out in Italy, where processing techniques similar to those of the high fashion industry are followed.

The various elements that make up Mah Jong all have in common the use of refined materials and special padding that guarantee resistance to the product but also maximum comfort and elegance.

The color variants of Mah Jong are numerous. It starts with neutral tones like white or cream, passing through the pastel colors of the Kenzo Takada collection, up to the bright colors like red, purple and blue.

Mah Jong modular sofa | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Mah Jong modular sofa | Roche Bobois

Wanxiangfu Project: March 6, 2018, Beijing

Trame coffee table

The charm of Roche Bobois products present both inside and outside can also be found in the Trame table. The top is in 12 mm thick tempered glass. The Carrara marble base and the gold-colored acrylic mirror in the black lacquered metal structure create a perfectly balanced whole.

Trame coffee table | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Trame coffee table | Roche Bobois

Meishan Project: August 13, 2017, Sichuan

Calisson bed

Delicate tones and simple lines form an elegant silhouette. The Calisson bed creates a quiet and elegant atmosphere in the bedroom. Covered in Jersey fabric in 18 different colors, the Calisson bed has a structure in solid spruce and pine plywood and agglomerate panels. Completely removable and available in different sizes.

Calisson bed | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Calisson bed | Roche Bobois

Trinta library

The three-dimensional and mirrored design of this symmetrical library makes the environment dynamic. The bright colors and the simple design make the Trinta bookcase a perfect decorative product for the living room. The structure is in Medium lacquer while the interior with matt lacquer finish is available in 9 different colors.

Trinta library | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Trinta library | Roche Bobois

Furtif desk

Available in small or large versions, the Furtif desk is undoubtedly a decisive design element. The MDF structure and the lacquered finish available in numerous colors make the Furtif desk a unique piece.

Maximum design without forgetting the maximum resistance. In fact, Roche Bobois is committed to promoting the results of science and applying new materials in the design of its new products. Combining quality materials that are durable and elegant with an extremely low environmental impact is the new challenge of Roche Bobois.

Furtif desk | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Furtif desk | Roche Bobois

Accastillage floor lamp

Unique shape, support structure in solid walnut with mirror base and blown glass diffuser: this is the Accastillage floor lamp by Roche Bobois. The Accastillage decentralized lamp takes us into the marine universe, composed of materials in contrast and poetry as a glue. Available in different colors.

Accastillage floor lamp | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Accastillage floor lamp | Roche Bobois

If you are interested in the Roche Bobois products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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