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Margaroli: a lot of water has passed through their tubes

Margaroli: a lot of water has passed through their tubes

The project by Eurooo in China with some Margaroli products

On 4th June 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some Margaroli products as part of the Cixi Taiziwan project, in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, in China.


Founded in 1949, Margaroli is an Italian company specialized in creating a wide range of water or electric towel rails and radiators. Numerous are the certifications obtained by the company, with a 100% Made in Italy production that differs from the Made in Italy and that allows the company to win a place among the best companies in the sector. The production, which began with the processing of the brass and copper plate, has gradually evolved over the years towards that of the tube and the brass bar for hydro-sanitary and tap fittings.

All Margaroli products are available in 20 different finishes, in addition to the extra finishes, and it is also possible to request free samples.

400 Towel warmer | Margaroli | Eurooo

400 Towel warmer - Vento series | Margaroli


The 400 electric towel warmer is a high-tech product. Available also with Swarovski handles and with a 25 mm diameter tube, this towel warmer combines design with functionality and elegance. The particular shape allows the product to easily represent an element of pure design.

The highest quality materials and the specific treatment make all Margaroli products antibacterial and sterilizing.

In order to preserve the cleanliness of the body and face, a heated towel rail makes it possible to quickly dry the towel, drastically reducing the formation of bacteria. For many years, the company has in fact been obtaining some of the most important international product certifications and quality certifications like UNI EN ISO 9001.

464/TS/14 Towel warmer | Margaroli | Eurooo

464/TS/14 Towel warmer - Sole series | Margaroli


The frame design is simple and refined, allowing the product's aesthetic and functional principles to be optimally integrated. The design of the product and its functionality, as well as the wide range of colors, make the towel warmer suitable for any living style.

732 Towel warmer | Margaroli | Eurooo

732 Towel warmer - Concerto series | Margaroli

Electric towel racks and bathroom accessories such as faucets and shower heads are inextricably linked. For the choice of bathroom accessories, most of the interiors usually follow the characteristics of consistency of materials and colors, thus obtaining the overall coordination of the bathroom space. This is why Margaroli offers its customers a wide range of bathroom accessories, coordinated with towel rails and radiators, creating a unique and harmonious design.


The materials used in Margaroli production such as antique brass, gold, antique copper, polished nickel, satin nickel, nickel, oil-polished copper, gold-plated brass, polished brass and many others are all highly certified. The meticulous quality control and the strict European regulations guarantee the excellence of the raw materials used in the products.


Especially in winter and during periods of frequent rain, having a dehumidified and heated environment is certainly necessary. The Margaroli towel rails and radiators are able to satisfy even these needs, preserving a warm and drier environment.

9-555 Towel warmer | Margaroli | Eurooo

9-555 Towel warmer - Armonia series | Margaroli


The installation of Margaroli towel rails is complex and tedious and requires a rigorous and professional technology and ability. Thanks to on-site assembly, guaranteeing the installation of the product and the perfect aesthetic and practical rendering are now the order of the day.

With regard to the electric towel warmers the installation is also prepared in maximum safety, reserving the creation of a structure for the right positioning and the correct protection of the electric cables.

In wall installations, the details hide the plugs used for the posting and further emphasize the accuracy used by Margaroli.

If you are interested in the Margaroli products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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