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Luxury furniture has only one name: Made in Italy

Luxury furniture has only one name: Made in Italy

The Eurooo project in China in collaboration with the "Made in Italy" brands Giorgetti, Longhi and DV Home.

"Made in Italy", a certification that goes beyond the intrinsic meaning of words. "Made in Italy" represents a set of values, culture, aesthetic sense, ideals, quality and style.

On August 29, 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some Giorgetti, Longhi and DV Home products as part of the furnishing project for the Hisense Headquarter and housing units in the Shuangxi residential district in Shenzhen, China.

29th August  2018, project by Eurooo at Hisense Headquarters in Shenzhen, China


TENET desk, Giorgetti

The TENET desk is an innovative executive desk with fluid and linear lines, which create a unique design and an exceptional structure. The refined lines of the Tenet desk give the office a sophisticated and pleasant sense: working will become a pleasure!

TENET desk | Giorgetti | Eurooo.com

TENET desk | Giorgetti

Italian design has always been synonymous with excellence, luxury and elegance. Just like the extraordinary design of the Tenet desk by Giorgetti, which subverts the traditional models of the table shape and creates a new silhouette of perfect balance between lightness and stability, between luxury and simplicity.

TENET desk | Giorgetti | Eurooo.com

TENET desk | Giorgetti

SINBAD chair, Giorgetti

The SINBAD chair confirms Giorgetti's manufacturing expertise in interpreting the creative know-how applied to interior design. Regardless of the type of wood used, Giorgetti manages to create furnishing accessories with flowing, sober and delicate lines: the best interpretation of luxury.

SINBAD chair | Giorgetti | Eurooo.com

SINBAD chair | Giorgetti

The backrest of the chair, the seat and the armrest are covered with soft and comfortable fabric, while the cushion is padded with polyurethane foam to give a more relaxing and pleasant rest.


29th August  2018, project by Eurooo at Shuangxi residences in Shenzhen, China


VICKY cabinet, Longhi

LONGHI reinterprets the Italian neoclassical style by combining modern influences and classic inspirations. The VICKY cabinet by Longhi is a piece of furniture for the living area covered in leather with internal zebrano wood finishes and a laser-cut metal base. The VICKY cabinet perfectly balances luxury and modern style.

VICKY cabinet | Longhi | Eurooo.com

VICKY cabinet | Longhi

LORD coffee table, Longhi

The LORD coffee table, designed by the designer Giuseppe Viganò, consists of a central tray covered in a bronze and smoked mirror. The structure of the Lord coffee table is made of wood, while the top and the exterior can be customized with many different finishes.

LORD coffee table | Longhi | Eurooo.com

LORD coffee table | Longhi


HILTON bedside table, DV Home

The soft and graceful lines are the feature that most embellishes this bedside table. Made of solid wood, the surface is covered in finely textured fine leather.

HILTON bedside table | DV Home | Eurooo.com

HILTON bedside table | DV Home

"Made in Italy" has always been at the helm of world design. The long history of fashion, design and Italian style is synonymous with a long manufacturing and artisan tradition that creates, year after year, models of a value that transcends the simple functionality of the furniture: for this, the "Made in Italy" represents the bright stars that still lure the wandering and dispersed - in the modern darkness of the loss of values and aesthetic taste - souls dream.


If you are interested in the Giorgetti, Longhi or DV Home products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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