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Malerba: cosmopolitan style, selected materials and true Italian elegance

Malerba: cosmopolitan style, selected materials and true Italian elegance

Malerba is a famous Italian brand specialized in the production of high-end design furniture and home accessories. Let’s find out more about their history and sophisticated designs.

Malerba is a famous furniture brand, based in Italy and founded more than seventy years ago. Malerba is a factory specialized in the production of custom-made furniture and home accessories: tables, bar cabinets, buffets, bedside tables, beds, armchairs and lamps. The brand was founded in 1946 as an exclusive producer of design furniture and accessories. Malerba has soon developed its business and transformed its company into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxurious modern furniture.

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BLACK AND MORE Sofa by Malerba

For the production of its furniture Malerba uses specialized wood veneers in combination with the very best polyester “piano” lacquers, paying special attention to every detail in terms of function and the final touches. Malerba furniture decorates the interiors of some of the world’s most elegant homes. The brand is a statement in luxury furniture and offers complete coordinated furniture solutions for the home.

BLACK AND MORE Double sofa by Malerba

The founder of the factory, Robi Malerba and his family have worked for decades in collaboration with the founder of Cantoni company, Michael Wilkov. Since the foundation of their first workshop in Mombaroccio in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the Malerba family have dedicated itself to the production of quality and stylish furniture, worthy only of positive comments both from clients and experts. 

Malerba | High-end Italian furniture | eurooo.com

NEW IN TOWN Double bed by Malerba

This family business was originally aimed at the creation of products characterized by the highest degree of reliability. The company managed not only to set the bar high, but also to maintain these standards of quality through all the years of their work. Functional, strong, safe and durable are the right words to describe their unique furniture. All this is combined with its undeniable aesthetic appeal which is recognized all over the world. Malerba furniture is popular not only in Italy, but also in France, Great Britain, Japan, America, Russia and China. These factors contribute to the cosmopolitan approach of the company reflected in their methods of production and design.

SECRET LOVE Sofa by Malerba

Among the wide range of Malerba’s products you will be able to find excellent furniture and accessories for your dining room, office, living room and bedroom. The company collaborates with some of the most renowned and talented international designers and architects.  For example, its two collections 5th Avenue and Uptown were created by Giorgio Soressi, a famous Italian furniture designer.

Malerba | High-end Italian furniture | eurooo.com

 MPLACE Double sofa by Malerba


For the production of its furniture Malerba applies innovative technologies that allow to achieve the highest level of quality, but at the same time the company manages to combine these modern production techniques with some traditional artisanal methods. The brand always carries out a throughout inspection of products at every stage of production, which is combined with the use of the most selected materials, such as natural wood, metal, leather and glass. It allows Malerba to offer their clients durable furniture that will last a long time, delighting them with its elegance and timeless beauty.

Malerba | High-end Italian furniture | eurooo.com

RED CARPET Bed by Malerba

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