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Cattelan Italia – The Passion for Important Things

Cattelan Italia – The Passion for Important Things

Cattelan Italia is a famous Italian furniture company founded 40 years ago. This family business has managed to become a real international brand still remaining true to its philosophy and traditional values.

Cattelan Italia is one of the most well-known and appreciated brands specialized in the manufacturing of fine Italian contemporary furniture. The brand focuses on the production of home furnishing, entirely made in Italy. Cattelan Italia produces a wide range of modern furniture: chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, TV stands, showcases and much more. Cattelan’s main points of strength are impeccable modern design, high quality, best selected materials and functionality. If you want your home to become an elegant and unique place with its own personality, just choose Cattelan’s furniture and accessories. It’s a perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality. For Cattelan Italia the house is the symbol of dear things, a world where we’re surrounded by cozy and welcoming elements. This philosophy inspires all the brand’s collections. Paying particular attention to the quality of materials and any minimal detail, Cattelan Italia creates unique and stylish products, 100% made in Italy.

RAPA NUI Console | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

RAPA NUI Console by Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. The last of seven brothers, Giorgio was born in a small village near Vicenza in the north of Italy. His father was a famous carpenter and almost all his children decided to follow the family tradition, dedicating themselves to the art of furniture creation and woodworking. The first factory of the brand was built in the province of Vicenza thanks to the incredible passion of its creator Giorgio Cattelan, who is still the company’s president and administrator. Giorgio inherited his passion and love for an ancient art such as carpentry from his father and very soon became a great expert in the field. Cattelan Italia started by producing small marble complements and tables of different sizes for export market. The brand soon became one the leading Italian companies in the furniture market. Today Cattelan Italia can be considered a real icon of evolution, exporting its production in 150 countries with more than 350 high qualified dealers all over the world.

SPYDER Console | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

SPYDER Dining table by Cattelan Italia

In 1989 in order to face new market needs, Cattelan Italia improved its collections by introducing a wider range of products and new materials. The company started working with wood, glass, metal and leather creating contemporary and stylish interior solutions.

In 1995 Giorgio Cattelan’s sons, Lorenzo and Paolo, started to be part of the company. Lorenzo is a very creative person and works on the brand’s image. In 2002 he moved in Tuscany where he manages a huge vineyard and an agritourism.

Since his first day in the company, Paolo has been working in the commercial area. He is a real expert in markets, he travels a lot in order to find new potential partners and target markets for his company. Paolo Cattelan is now the key person in the commercial and design evolution of the company, responsible for distribution, design and style choices.

In 2011 Cattalan Italia bought the famous Florentine company Arketipo, well-known in all the world for the elegance of its production. Arketipo is now guided by Lorenzo Cattelan, supported by his father Giorgio. 

INDY Chair | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

INDY Chair by Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia offers a wide range of modern furnishings characterized by an elegant and refined taste, made with great variety of precious materials such as marble, leather, crystal and metal coordinated in a unique collection that best reflects the Italian lifestyle. Tables, chairs, desks, consoles, sideboards, bookcases, beds and home accessories: Cattelan Italia collections range in all the rooms of the house, maintaining high-quality standards and contemporary design. The brand’s furnishings products are characterized by essential lines and a simple but unique style that fills every room with elegance and refinement. Their products are never left to chance, everything is made with extreme attention to the shapes, to the contemporary design and to the soft but decisive colors.

 RAY Table | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

RAY Round table by Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is one of the most well-known Italian furniture brands, also thanks to its regular participation in the furniture fairs and other international trade exhibitions such as Milan, Cologne, Paris, Valencia and Moscow. The international success of the company can also be explained by its products’ versatility and the flexibility, by the company’s decision to invest in its image improving the business and the financial solidity.

TOUR Console | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

TOUR Console by Cattelan Italia

For Cattelan Italia the sense of living the house and furnishing becomes something precious and spontaneous. It’s not only the question of design. The company creates a functional and beautiful lifestyle that gives us emotions and make us feel comfortable and safe. The personal and professional history of Giorgio Cattelan has always been guided by the passion for the family, for the new ideas and projects that become pieces of furniture, for the raw materials that become objects and for anything that can make our homes special and unique. All these factors have become the recipe of Cattalan’s success who continues to create innovative and high-quality furniture with a strong visual impact and design longevity.

LIM-Z Suspension lamp | Cattelan Italia | eurooo.com

LIM-Z Suspension lamp by Cattelan Italia

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