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Unusual but harmonious combinations

Unusual but harmonious combinations

Discover the project by Eurooo in China with some Natuzzi products

On 17th October 2018, Eurooo completed the delivery and installation of some Natuzzi products as part of the project carried out at the Ruihong Xincheng complex in Shanghai, China.

Furnishing a home is certainly not an easy task. Relying, for this reason, on a guaranteed and high-quality brand is certainly the best choice. Natuzzi, since 1959, is committed to creating high-quality products, more accessible to the general public and synonymous with comfort, intimacy and elegance.

Leather is certainly the best product for Natuzzi. Attention to detail and the highest quality of materials make the product refined while guaranteeing comfort, functionality and elegance.

The Omega dining table, combined with the Pi Greco chair, gives life to a perfectly balanced whole, in which the wood and metal of the table match the leather of the chair. The Pi Greco chair, upholstered in leather but also in fabric, is characterized by a durable metal structure for legs and back and extraordinary upholstered seats.

OMEGA dining table and PI GRECO chairs | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

OMEGA dining table and PI GRECO chairs | Natuzzi

Through the rigorous selection of materials and a simplification of the overall design, the perfect texture is created and, moreover, the search for perfect details and the high quality of Italian manufacture make any atmosphere elegant, whether it be the dining room, the study or the bedroom.

The Omega desk, which incorporates the lines of the homonymous dining table, is the perfect witness of how Natuzzi products are able to adapt perfectly to any room of the house. The Omega desk has a coffee-colored painted metal structure with a textured effect, while the top is available in different colors and finishes.

OMEGA desk | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

OMEGA desk | Natuzzi

In apparent contrast with the Omega desk, the Rose armchair is suitable for both the living room and as a comfortable armchair for the office. The particular wrapping shape makes the seat particularly comfortable. The leather upholstery adds elegance and refinement.

ROSE armchair | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ROSE armchair | Natuzzi

Versatility is another typical characteristic of Natuzzi furniture. The Svevo double bed, for example, represents the perfect protagonist for the bedroom. The padded headboard allows the right comfort. Svevo is available in a wide range of upholstery both in fabric and in precious Natuzzi leather, among which you can choose the right one for your lifestyle and furnishing.

The different sizes available and the various types of mattress make this bed the ideal solution for every space and every need.

SVEVO double bed | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

SVEVO double bed | Natuzzi

The Munari bedside table is part of the homonymous collection created by Natuzzi. The three-dimensional, the sinuous design and the combination of apparently contrasting materials create balance and harmony in the product. The Munari bedside table, made of wood and marble, has a strong and dynamic personality, also highlighted by the choice of materials, including the highly prized Calacatta Oro and Dark Emperador marbles.

MUNARI bedside table | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

MUNARI bedside table | Natuzzi

Renewable energy, international certifications, innovations and quality tests: this is Natuzzi.

If you are interested in the Natuzzi products described above or if you want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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