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Interior Design Color Trends 2019

Interior Design Color Trends 2019

Now it’s a good time to make sure we’re more than familiar with the main 2019 color trends. If you’re looking for ideas to refresh your home, just check out 2019 top color trends and find out how to use them in your interior design and what colors they can be combined with.

No wall in your home should be left as a blank canvas, that’s why we would like you to get acquainted with some color trends for 2019. So you can get inspired by some interior design ideas and have enough time to choose the right color for every room.


Green is generally thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it’s no wonder that it has become one of the color trends in 2019. Deep greens inspired by nature will bring the healing properties of the outdoor in your home. Interior designers suggest that these dark colors should be reserved for well-lit and large rooms because its intensity can make small spaces look too dark and gloomy.

Dark green can complement perfectly creamy neutral tones. Besides, you can pair it with pink, these two contrast colors work better together. You can use it for wallpaper or for cushions on your couch or bed, this pairing really worth trying.

Baxter | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

MANILA Armchair by Baxter

Wallpaper can be a great way to use some bold colors and a courageous interior statement. Actually, there are many ways to use it without covering all the four walls, cover just one wall to create an elegant accent.

Being a rich and deep color, dark green may go well with different hues of gold. You can choose gold or brass lamp bases with green shades. You can also use this design idea for your bathroom, it will help add a certain touch of luxury and style.

Canella | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

ANDROMEDA Sofa by Canella



In 2019 we can see a lot of bold and deep colors. Deep reds are comforting and cozy, simultaneously they can energize a space with their rich and warm color. Red can be powerful and aggressive or sly and seductive. This color loves attention and it can hardly be kept in the background. Red is the first thing to attract our eyes when we walk into someone’s house.

Natuzzi | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

PRELUDIO Sofa by Natuzzi

Red colors are stimulants, getting the brain excited at first glance. In interior design deep red can be used for walls, floors and doors. When you walk up to a house with a red door, you become slightly more excited to enter. These darker shades also prevent the color from becoming annoying and monotonous as lighter shades might be.

There are many ways to use red color in your home design. If you don’t want to paint, you can just utilize some red objects, such as cushions, lamps or curtains. Generally deep red may work perfectly with a lot of colors and hues. If you are still unsure what colors can be matched with red, try the most traditional and timeless color scheme, use it with black and white. That is because this color design can fit any room, any style and any surface.

Baxter | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

BERGERE Armchair by Baxter




In 2019 we can see a lot of bold and bright colors associated with optimism. Yellow is sunny and energetic color that can be used for interior design. Interior decorations with this bright color remind us about warm and happy things in life. Color therapy uses yellow color shades to make people smile and feel jollier and more relaxed. Cheerful sunny yellows get a lot of attention. They speed up metabolism and make people feel secure. Yellow room décor improves mood and makes people forget about their troubles. It’s not recommended to use bright yellows for the entire room decorating. This color should be used in moderation, large quantities of yellow can make us feel nervous and irritated.

Baxter | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

CHESTER MOON Sofa by Baxter

You can brighten up a dark and gloomy room with light yellow interior paint and with some accessories. Rich and inviting yellows can be perfectly combined with blues, beiges and pinks. Besides, yellow can used with neutral hues. This combination creates a calming effect and helps harmonize the whole color scheme. Yellow and grey are often used together but after some time this color combination may result boring, monotonous and even unpleasant.

B&B Italia | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

MICHEL CLUB Sofa by B&B Italia



This year interior design trends don’t only include bold and bright colors but also warm, earthy and natural hues. Terracotta has been one of the trendiest colors since 2017. Terracotta is a shade between orange, red and brown, it’s a cozy color that helps warm the house with just a few touches. Being natural and earth color, it can be easily combined with different warm colors and natural materials. Translating from the Latin, “terra cocta” means “baked earth”, it’s a clay-based earth ware. Terracotta is a material, but today it doesn’t necessary refer to tiles and pottery. Over the time it has become one of the trendiest and the most popular colors in fashion and interior design.

Baxter | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

TERRACOTTA Table by Baxter

Terracotta hues are very warm and remind us about some natural elements such as red sand, cinnamon, paprika, carrot, amber and brick tones. It can be used for wall painting and you’ll be surprised to see that it is not overwhelming at all. If you’re not ready for a total look, combine terracotta with other warm and natural colors. The warmth and intensity of terracotta can be matched perfectly with the purity and freshness of white. This combination will immediately create a sober style and modern atmosphere. Terracotta also works well with bright colors, like deep blue or yellow. If you love these colors and if you are not afraid of being bold and extravagant, don’t hesitate and mix terracotta with blue, yellow and black.

Spoinq | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

CASCO Armchair by Spoinq



Grey is a perfect neutral color, but this year you’ll see it tinted with deeper undertones, like purple, blue and green. It has been the most popular choice of interior designers for many years and it’s still going strong. Few other colors are so calming and reassuring as grey. Interior designers love this hue, because it’s both welcoming and inviting, but also chic and sophisticated. Grey can be used for floors, walls, ceiling, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Boconcept | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

LUGANO Bed by BoCoconcept

Neutral colors have always been considered a perfect background for bold and bright hues. In this case grey is beyond competition, it increases the bright emphasis and make other colors deeper. Anyway, you should be careful while choosing very complicated color schemes even with grey. Designers suggest to think over carefully the color scheme and select the proper shade of grey. Even the smallest mistake can make your room look gloomy, cold and inharmonic.

Natuzzi | Interior Design Color Trends 2019 | eurooo.com

CAPRICCIO Sofa by Natuzzi

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