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European style design: elegance and romanticism in China!

European style design: elegance and romanticism in China!

Discover the Eurooo project in China with Ceppi Style, Zanaboni, Francesco Molon, Dbf and Savio Firmino products.

On 7 July 2018, Eurooo completed the delivery and installation of some Ceppi Style, Zanaboni, Francesco Molon, DBF and Savio Firmino products as part of the project carried out at the Huaqiao Rongjinyuan complex in Wenzhou, China.

Italian elegance for a luxurious and elegant atmosphere can only be found in the expression of classic furniture. Through the fusion of noble materials, the polishing of exquisite craftsmanship and the classic Italian design give the furniture a refined aesthetic like that of Renaissance works of art.


2341 Coffee table | Ceppi Style

The 2341 coffee table is solid and creates a unique atmosphere. The bright golden color is a point of attraction. The finishes of the top and the engravings on the corners of the table reflect the exquisite beauty created by the craftsmanship.

2341 Coffee table | Ceppi Style | eurooo.com

2341 Coffee table | Ceppi Style

OTTOCENTO Armchair | Zanaboni

The design of the OTTOCENTO armchair is truly extraordinary. The designer's imagination and creativity have given wood a further life, making it even more full of charm.

OTTOCENTO Armchair | Zanaboni | eurooo.com

OTTOCENTO Armchair | Zanaboni

G73 Dresser  | Francesco Molon

The dresser G73 by Francesco Molon is excellent as a hallway to furnish the transition space between one room and another. G73 visually enriches the space.

G73 Dresser  | Francesco Molon | eurooo.com

G73 Dresser  | Francesco Molon

DBF dining table and chair

The DBF rotary dining table is ideal for an elegant and intimate space, for a refined life with taste and style.

Dining table and chair | DBF | eurooo.com

DBF dining table and chair

The DBF chair is covered with soft leather; shows an elegant temperament, while the soft cushion offers particularly exceptional comfort.

You get a noble and elegant mix; the soft tones of the wonderful fabrics give a purely classic charm to the environment.

3141 Bed | Savio Firmino

3141 Bed | Savio Firmino | eurooo.com

3141 Bed | Savio Firmino

3121 Sofa | Savio Firmino

3121 Sofa | Savio Firmino | eurooo.com

3121 Sofa | Savio Firmino

Sideboard B/4611 | Zanaboni | Zanaboni

The design lines of the B/4611 sideboard are smooth and sophisticated. The wood used is precious and worked with the traditional artisan techniques typical of the Savio Firmino brand. The surface of the B/4611 sideboard is smooth and delicate, fully reflecting the beauty of classic European furniture.

Sideboard B/4611 | Zanaboni | eurooo.com

Sideboard B/4611| Zanaboni

1767 Bed | Savio Firmino

The beautiful and sweet curves bring out the temperament of the room and the furnishings, giving a warm and sweet beauty.

1767 Bed | Savio Firmino | eurooo.com

1767 Bed | Savio Firmino

The Italian living room furniture is a precious and esteemed resource exported all over the world. This is thanks to the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship that has led to the production of our country and excellent processing quality. A sensitive attention to the best raw materials, a marked vision of design, a concrete attitude for innovation.


If you are interested in the products described above or if you want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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