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Cassina’s news: apple skin sofas!

Cassina’s news: apple skin sofas!

An experimental project that embraces eco-sustainability: Cassina and Philippe Starck amaze with apple skin sofas!

No fruit is laden with meanings like the apple. Symbol of original biblical sin, love, seduction, promise of immortality; today, the apple is also the protagonist of the experimental project conceived by Cassina in collaboration with the French designer Philippe Starck.

The entire Showroom Cassina Paris Rive Gauche has become the theater of the exhibition created by Philippe Starck and inspired by the forbidden fruit: the installation, named Cassina Croque La Pomme, reflects the far-sighted eco-sustainability project that many are experiencing in various ways: use vegetable waste, in this case the apple skin, for new productions. The Cassina Croque La Pomme project aims to explore new uses of alternative materials, such as the new Apple Ten Lork.

Volage Ex-S sofa | Cassina | eurooo.com

Detail of the Volage Ex-S sofa. The covering is made in apple skin: Apple Ten Lork.

Apple Ten Lork is an original material created from apple skin. Philippe Starck has experimented with using it to recreate sofas he designed for Cassina, such as the Volage Ex-S sofa presented for the occasion in a new version with narrower armrests and, above all, covered in Apple Ten Lork apple skin.

Volage Ex-S sofa | Cassina | eurooo.com

Volage Ex-S sofa | Cassina

Philippe Starck's creativity in using apple skin has also involved the Privè collection, made up of different models that contain notes of transgression, and that merge into a mix of classicism and irony.

Privè | Cassina | eurooo.com

Privè | Cassina

Even the Caprice and Passion chairs have been reinterpreted thanks to the use of Apple Ten Lork, declined, for the occasion, in three colors: white, black and orange.

Caprice chair | Cassina | eurooo.com

Caprice chair | Cassina

Passion chair | Cassina | eurooo.com

Passion chair | Cassina

The apple is the central point of the creation of the exhibition; in fact, Cassina and Philippe Starck's project has developed into three stories that have as their main theme the apple.

The first story represents the principle: Adam and Eve, the origin of humanity.

Volage Ex-S sofa | Cassina | eurooo.com

Volage Ex-S sofa | Cassina

The second is dedicated to the theory of gravity conceived by the French scientist Isaac Newton.

The designer Philippe Starck and the installation Cassina Croque la Pomme | Cassina | eurooo.com

The designer Philippe Starck and the installation Cassina Croque la Pomme

The third story is inspired by the work "The son of the man" by the Belgian painter Magritte; in this self-portrait, a green apple covers the face of man, symbol of the ardent and continuous desire of the human being to try to discover beyond what is visible.

The Son of the Man | Magritte | Cassina | eurooo.com

Detail of "The Son of the Man" by Magritte

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