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The Minimalist Style can also be Luxury? Some people don't think so! Check out these Products!

The Minimalist Style can also be Luxury? Some people don't think so! Check out these Products!

Miminalism and luxury do not go well together? We found the answer during the recent Eurooo project in China.

25th August 2017, Eurooo project at the Wulin residence N. 1 in Hangzhou, southern China.

Modern minimalism is sometimes compared with "economic convenience" in many people's eyes, and it seems that it is difficult to create luxurious and high-level environments with the use of such furniture. This version can be easily denied. Especially in large houses and villas, it is in fact opted for the simple decorations that have a high visual impact as well. Let’s discover the products delivered during this project. After this reading, you'll appreciate the minimalist style even more!

Harmony, elegance, warmth and comfort: this is what Natuzzi has always pursued. Leather, the material par excellence of this brand, is certainly the example of a luxury product, elegant and refined. The Diamante bed, completely in leather, in fact becomes the central element of the room, although covered with a neutral color like white.

What better material than wood to create the right contrast with the leather and increase the warmth of the bedroom? The Euclide collection, also by Natuzzi, is perfect for the occasion. Available in the bedside table version or as a wide chest of drawers, in Euclide every detail is carefully taken care of: the drawer handles, the foot line that becomes an integral part of the structure, the completely lacquered interiors and the "soft close" system supplied with all the accessories; under an apparent simplicity lies the best of Italian design and innovation.

DIAMANTE double bed, EUCLIDE bedside table and EUCLIDE chest of drawers | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

DIAMANTE double bed, EUCLIDE bedside table and EUCLIDE chest of drawers | Natuzzi

Glass shelves cut the thinnest wooden structure. Proxima is the ideal bookcase to not weigh down the surrounding environment and create a structure where the books will look suspended. Thanks to the internal accessories available, functionality and order never fail.

PROXIMA bookcase | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

PROXIMA bookcase | Natuzzi

A valid alternative to a glass bookcase? An unusual wooden bookcase. Fifty by Cattelan Italia is what you need. Small single shelves for the less impressive overall structure and lighten the visual impact. Available in three different finishes, Fifty is modular and therefore made up of different assembled modules.

FIFTY bookcase | Cattelan Italia | Eurooo | eurooo.com

FIFTY bookcase | Cattelan Italia

Do you want an unusual element that contains a surprise? The Ermete sideboard by Smania is the one for you! Ermete, also available as a chest of drawers, has numerous shelves and compartments and can be placed in the dining room or between furniture for modern living rooms that also embrace the classic style. Opt for neutral finishes and wall coverings and once again minimalism and luxury will be guaranteed.

ERMETE sideboard | Smania | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ERMETE sideboard | Smania

Molteni&C comes to our aid with another example of refined and elegant minimalism: the Vicino small table. At the base the idea of a table that serves not only as a support for objects but also, through the movement of the tops, brings to the fore what is needed.

The structure, made of steel, hides a sophisticated method of translation of marble or wood tops, very thin but structurally very effective. The simplicity of an ideal structure for any environment, from the bedroom to the living room, to the garden.

VICINO small table | Molteni & C | Eurooo | eurooo.com

VICINO small table | Molteni&C

These few examples show how it is possible to combine simplicity, opting for neutral colors and subtle, unobtrusive structures, with the elegance and luxury of classy furniture.

If you are interested in the products above or if you want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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