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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If your mother is a true interior design lover like us, we may be able to give you some tips that can help you find the perfect gift for this special occasion.

It’s a wonderful period of the year when the flowers are blooming and the sun is beginning to make an appearance just in time for Mother’s Day. On this occasion we are all united in taking a day to recognize our mothers and grandmothers. The women who carried us into the world, raised us, taught us right from wrong, inspired us and stood as our strongest role models. With Mother’s Day approaching, remember that our mothers deserve to be spoiled and celebrated on this special day. Even with this in our mind, the question always comes up: What can I do for my mom on Mother’s Day? What gift can I choose for her to tell her how much I love and appreciate her? It’s always difficult to find the right gift for a special person. At this point most people decide between the generic and impersonal gifts: a bouquet of flowers, an expensive box of chocolates or a bottle of good wine. However, if this year you’re wishing to go above and make it a special Mother’s Day, we’ve prepared for you the perfect gift guide! If your mother is an interior design lover, then these tips will help you to impress her.

SELETTI | Mother's Day Interior Design Tips | eurooo.com

KINTSUGI Tableware collection by Seletti


Is your mother a true interior design lover? If you know that she loves home décor and is interested in the history of design, ask her some questions, trying to find out if there’s some piece that she has always wanted to have for her house. But if you don’t want to take the risk of spoiling the surprise, go safe and just opt for some home accessory or a design lamp, that you can be absolutely sure she will love.

The table lamp you can see in the picture is Pipistrello by Martinelli Luce. This piece of lighting has become one of the most appreciated and renowned design icons in the history of contemporary art. The lamp Pipistrello was designed in 1965 by Gae Aulenti for Martinelli Luce. The lampshade made of methacrylate reminds us of bat wings and provides pleasantly diffused lighting. Pipistrello lamp is very versatile and it can be perfect for large desks in the office or as a little floor lamp in the living room. This retro model has already become part of the furniture of many houses, inhabited by people who love interior design and know how to choose the things that surround them. The secret probably consists in its simplicity and practicality. And that it is impossible to imitate. Your mother will undoubtedly appreciate its timeless elegance and functionality.

MARTINELLI LUCE | Mother's Day Interior Design Tips | eurooo.com

PIPISTRELLO Table lamp by Martinelli Luce


If you want to help you mother renovate her living room, a rug can become the perfect gift for her. Carpets often help to complete the look of a room adding color and character. While they undoubtedly cost more that a bouquet of flowers, they can become a very worthy investment.

There are very few mothers who don’t love the warm and cozy feeling of a rug underfoot. Rugs are not only colorful and stylish decorative elements; they can also be used to increase warmth whether underfoot or just in general. If you look hard enough, you can find a rug that matches perfectly your mother’s style and personality.

KASTHALL | Mother's Day Interior Design Tips | eurooo.com

ARCHIPELAGO Carpet by Kasthall


If your mom is interior design enthusiast, she will always find a space for a new cushion. You can honestly never have too many cushions. They can be kept in storage and be changed season by season. It will help keep your home looking fresh and trendy.

Besides, decorative cushions are an excellent way to make a living room more exciting and comfortable. Scatter cushions have been a common sight throughout our homes since the 80s. However, this age-old interior design trend still proves to be very popular among those who want to make their home look cozy and inviting. This make a decorative cushion the perfect gift for your mother.

AMADEUS | Mother's Day Interior Design Tips | eurooo.com

Decorative cushions by Amadeus


If you’re looking for a memorable gift, one that will be cherished for many Mother’s Days, a decorative glass bowl is just what you’re looking for. It can be perfectly used for sweets or perfumed potpourri when guests are coming. It can also be used as a place to put keys and other miscellaneous items.

Vases can also become an excellent gift for your mother and will look even better with some magnificent flowers in them. It will become an excellent gift that can be used a lot of times and that will look different with each new bouquet of flowers placed into it.

Glass flower vase by Kahler

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