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10 Design Tips for Your Small House

10 Design Tips for Your Small House

If you are a small house owner and you’re looking for some new ideas how to decorate your tiny space, then our tips can be interesting and useful for you.

Decorating small places can feel like an impossible task. Anyone who has ever had to deal with tiny spaces knows that living in in small houses comes with its own difficulties. But it does necessary mean that designing a small house is impossible. With some planning and forethought, even the tiniest houses can become functional and stylish. Your house doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful. And you don’t have to spend a lot money for it to be elegant. There are a lot of approaches that can help you create charming, comfortable and stylish spaces. We’ve prepared some design tips for decorating small houses that can be useful for your small apartment. So keep reading to see what design tips we’ve gathered for your small house!

ALTACOM | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

STORM Extending table by Altacom


You may need a dining table and a desk, but are you sure that you need them all the time? You can consider using furniture pieces that can be folded when you don’t need them. You can get some additional floor space and avoid inevitable stacking mails and documents on these surfaces.

ALTACOM | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

SQUARE Extending console-table by Altacom


Small houses can often seem dark because of small windows and the lack of natural light. You can solve this problem adding plenty of light sources in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. In small houses you should consider lighting solutions that hang in the air or on the walls. You can opt for a wall lamp by your sofa and pendant lighting by your bed. However, you can also use some table and floor lamps but remember not leave the ceiling in the darkness, because it can make you tiny place look even smaller.

SLAMP | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

DOME Pendant lamp by Slamp


The number one trick of interior designers that actually may help visually enlarge a small size room is to decorate the walls. It may seem to you that paintings, mirrors and frames will make your small house look even smaller, but the final effect will show you just the opposite. The most effective wall decoration in making a space look bigger is undoubtedly the mirror. If your small house doesn’t have enough natural lighting, mirrors can help you make the most of what you have by reflecting it around the room. Mirrors can also help make small spaces look bigger. By placing one or two mirrors in a room, you will create an optical illusion, it will be like opening a window overlooking another room. The important thing is not to keep the wall on the other side completely empty, since dynamism is a very important element even for the mirror reflection.

Boconcept | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

RING Mirror by Boconcept


A carpet is one item that definitely can be considered one of the best decorating solutions for a small house. It will help you complete your décor, will add a touch of color and style to any environment. Just get sure to choose the right rug. A tiny carpet will make the room feel equally small. Choose a carpet that is large enough, so most of your furniture will sit on it, or use a wall-to-wall floor covering. Such a big carpet covers your floor without visually breaking up the space. Softer colors will make your room feel more spacious. Horizontal and vertical stripes can also make your room seem a little bit bigger. Horizontal stripes emphasize the width of a room, while vertical ones make a space look longer. Stay away from carpets with borders. This will draw the eye to the dimensions of your carpet, this way your floor may seem even smaller.

KASTHALL | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

ARKAD AXEL Carpet by Kasthall


Be particularly careful with dark colors if you need to decorate a small house. A simple and effective trick to give a wide breath to the interior design even when the space is not very large, is to choose light shades of color for walls, floors and furniture in general. Neutral shades or pastel colors palette are ideal for creating the illusion of a more spacious and airy room. Therefore, it would be better to avoid dark colors as much as possible, and if you do want to use them, just be very careful about how you balance them out with the rest of the décor.

Boconcept | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

FARGO Sofa by Boconcept


Make the most of the space that you get by choosing furnishing that also can give you some additional storage. For example, you can opt for a bed with built-in drawers, benches and ottomans with storage space to put away blankets and clothes. In a small place every piece should have its functionality. In really small places, you can have a daybed that can also serve as both a sofa and a guest bed. 

NATUZZI | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

CAPRICCIO Sofa bed by Natuzzi


When decorating small places, it’s very important to remember that clutter kills space. Don’t use too many wall decorations and avoid massive art collections. Don’t cover your furniture with too many knick-knacks, choose just a few stylish pieces. If you just love all of them, you can always rotate them as often as you wish. It will also help you easily renovate your home décor and express your mood. If you’re famous for cluttering and over collecting things, try keeping some of the excess objects in storage or give some of them away to your family and friends. Don’t overcrowd your space with useless objects. If you really must keep most of them, just be creative with storage.

CATTELAN ITALIA | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

SWING Bookcase by Cattelan Italia


If you have a small kitchen or an open place kitchen it doesn’t necessary mean that it cannot be comfortable and fully accessorized. Just choose some modern space saving solutions. Replace your bulky fridges and stoves with slim models. Many companies offer slim appliances models that are specially designed for people who live in small places. Think over what appliances you actually need and use, opt for those that serve a multitude of functions.

BULTHAUP | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

B2 Kitchen by Bulthaup


You need space for the most important furniture pieces, but even the most perfectly decorated small room cannot be comfortable and cozy if there’s not enough place to walk in it. In this case you can try suspended furniture pieces, for example, shelves and even nightstands. This space saving solution will help you keep the floor clear of obstacles and create some extra space for storage beneath.

NOVAMOBILI | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

HORIZON Shelf by Novamobili


Mixing different styles in home décor may be trendy, but it is not advisable for a small size house. A small house owner should remember that tiny spaces require a homogeneous style and should be more oriented towards decluttering, which means that he has to eliminate the superfluous. We are not suggesting you should have a boring and monotonous interior design. You just have to be a little more careful when making choices about combining very different colors or styles with furniture.

ALIAS | Design Tips for Your Small House | eurooo.com

ELEVEN Sofa by Alias

One may think that it’s impossible to have a small house that can be really stylish and comfortable. Decorating small apartments can feel like a real puzzle. You want it to be trendy and filled with your personality, but you don’t want it to feel chaotic and cluttered. Whether you are starting to live in your first studio apartment or choosing for a more minimalist existence, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and style. We hope that our design tips for a small house decoration will help you create a really functional and elegant space. If you are looking for some more ideas for your tiny house, read our article about a small living room decorating.

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