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Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design

Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design

Create your own corner of paradise with stylish and unique high-end outdoor furniture manufactured by Roberti, a famous Italian outdoor furniture brand.

Summer is approaching, and you surely want to enjoy it all. With the arrival of sunny and warm weather we all try to spend more time in the open air. And if you are lucky to get your own garden, then it can be the right moment for you to find new outdoor furniture and accessories to renew your garden and make it unique and cozy. 

Roberti is a famous Italian manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture. Roberti is a fairly old company, which was founded as a family business in 1959 and from the beginning has been one of the world’s main Italian producers of high-end outdoor furniture. Their products focus solely on outdoor living, which is something that is very hard to work on because of the unpredictable weather conditions that have to be taken into consideration during every step of the design process. The company was founded by Renato Roberti who started a handicraft production of high-end rattan furniture for outdoor and indoor, patio and terrace. Roberti has always been looking for innovative ways to manufacture more practical and stylish high-end outdoor furniture, creating some of the most unique and original models. 

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

PORTOFINO Daybed by Roberti

This year Roberti celebrates its 60-years anniversary. For sixty years Roberti has been committed to its task, studying, testing and developing new collections of high-end outdoor furniture, all joined together by the same creativity and unique quality. The key to the international success is simple and complex at the same time: Italian handicraft traditions and an expert knowledge of materials and production methods, an incredible enthusiasm and curiosity for innovative concepts, a deep passion for elegance and design, a strong determination to translate all these ideals in contemporary and stylish outdoor furniture collections.

Roberti has created thousands of original products, characterized by a contemporary design and a skillful processing. The cooperation with famous and talented international designers gave birth to many successful models of outdoor furniture, leading Roberti to achieve a high reputation worldwide. The new century brought a wave of original styles and trends and Roberti has promptly recognized them, translating these modern tendencies into creative and unique collections of high-end outdoor furniture.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

IGLOO Daybed by Roberti

The production processes take place mostly in Italy, in the region of Veneto. The ability of Roberti’s expert artisans is harmoniously combined with modern processes, innovative technologies and high-quality materials. Roberti guarantees all the materials and padding for a long service, even though they are used outdoors.  Aluminum and stainless steel with high quality powder coating treatment, HPL and fiberglass are only some of the many innovative materials that Roberti has introduced into its production to guarantee a long lifespan of its outdoor furniture.

The outdoor furniture cannot be anymore a mere accessory as in the past. It must have a new aesthetic value, comfort and quality as the indoor furniture and at the same time it must be resistant to poor weather conditions. Roberti has taken up this challenge: the brand continues the developing and manufacturing of elegant and original outdoor furniture collections.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

PORTOFINO Swing chair by Roberti

Gravity is a cozy outdoor sofa with colorful cushions and playful combinations of designs and finishes. It can be perfect as a piece of outdoor furniture for patio and garden. Gravity may also become a luxury outdoor armchair where you can relax and read your favorite book. It’s available with its own support or with hanging ropes.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

GRAVITY Rocking sofa by Roberti

Coral Reef is a playful and refined collection of high-end outdoor furniture available in pure white color and warmer natural tones. The collection offers a wide range of outdoor chairs, sofas, chaise lounges and parasols that can be perfect for an elegant patio.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

CORAL REEF Outdoor furniture collection by Roberti

Hamptons Graphics is an outdoor furniture collection that shows light and graphic frames with a special identity thanks to the simple and refined look. Outdoor armchairs, sofas and chairs are available in the elegant white color and in the coffee color. All of them can be perfect as outdoor furniture proposals, garden furniture and patio furniture.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

HAMPTONS GRAPHICS Outdoor sofa by Roberti

Atollo is a new spacious outdoor daybed made of steel and aluminum. The seat is in marine net and equipped with a quilted mattress or cushions. You can enjoy the shading protection of its sail parasol and the evocative comfortable atmosphere created by its charming curtains. Atollo is an outdoor furniture piece with a high aesthetic impact and maximum comfort functionality.

Roberti | Roberti: A True Master of Outdoor Furniture Design | eurooo.com

ATOLLO Outdoor daybed by Roberti


The unique elegance and the utmost comfort of Roberti high-end outdoor furniture will appeal to those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things. Roberti’s sofas, sun loungers, tables, armchairs, chairs and sun shades have their own original shape and style. Roberti takes advantage of six decades of research and improvement for manufacturing long-lasting, resistant and stylish outdoor furniture collections that will give you a unique opportunity to create your own little corner of paradise.

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