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Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019

Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen and you’re in search of new ideas and kitchen designs, let’s find out together some top European kitchen manufactures in 2019

In the past the kitchen was a functional space where we prepared meals and washed dirty dishes. In 2019 the kitchen has acquired a much different role. Today, the kitchen has become the real heart of our home, the place that brings together all the family. It’s the environment where we talk, laugh, discuss our problems, welcome friends and spend some of the best moments of our lives. Some people love a warm and cozy atmosphere in their kitchen. Some others prefer functional and minimalistic kitchen designs. So, if you’re looking for suggestions and new ideas for your kitchen design, we would like to present top European kitchen brands in 2019!

SieMatic | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

URBAN Kitchen furniture collection by SieMatic

Attractive, long-lasting and innovative products is what the world usually expects of German kitchen manufacturers. Continually meeting these high expectations has been the basis for the remarkable international success of many German furniture producers. SieMatic is one of these companies.

SieMatic is one of Germany’s oldest kitchen manufacturers. This family-run European kitchen brand was founded almost a century ago in 1929. Since then this kitchen manufacturer has always followed its main goal: the development of kitchen designs that could interpret the world of kitchens in an intelligent and a functional way. SieMatic kitchens have been exported all over the world since 1960 and today the company sells its high-quality kitchen furniture in more than 60 countries.

SieMatic | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

 CLASSIC Kitchen furniture collection by SieMatic

Another value that has helped SieMatic gain this international success is the constant attention to details they put in everything they do. From the designs themselves to the choice of high-quality selected materials there is nothing left to chance in their kitchen furniture. Another interesting feature of this German kitchen manufacturer is its attention to the customer’s needs and preferences. That’s why SieMatic offers three different style collections: Urban, Pure and Classic, which make it possible to design timeless and elegant living spaces that can perfectly reflect their owners’ lifestyle and personality.  


SieMatic’s Pure collection offers a great selection of creative options, that can help you create a minimalistic and functional kitchen design, placing the focus on what really counts. This kitchen furniture collection represents the lasting values of high-quality materials and the precision of SieMatic workmanship, reflected in any minimal detail.

SieMatic | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

PURE Kitchen furniture collection by SieMatic 

For those who love urban life SieMatic has created its Urban kitchen furniture collection. The city life reflected in this unique and versatile kitchen furniture collection is full of energy, it’s exciting, social, inspiring and colorful. This collection is characterized by its unique harmony and functionality.


SieMatic Classic collection was created for those who love traditions but at the same time want to stay in touch with modern tendencies and trends. Classic collection offers a number of options that go far beyond traditional kitchen designs. With this collection Siematic makes it possible to play with different styles and seemingly contradictory design elements creating surprisingly harmonious and elegant living spaces.

Aran Cucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

FARO Kitchen furniture by Aran Cucine

Aran Cucine is a famous Italian furniture manufacturer which produces kitchens that become a place of joy, conviviality and style. Aran Cucine’s idea of design is based on the main traditional family values, on the importance of joining together in a beautiful and cozy environment. Every day Aran Cucine creates innovative and elegant solutions to meet the needs of all the family and to make any kitchen the most important place at home where we can talk, laugh and share great moments together. The respect of traditions, modern and innovative design, talent and passion, attention to any detail and to the quality of every material are the main values of Aran Cucine that distinguish it among thousands of brands and make its furniture renowned and appreciated all over the world.

Aran Cucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

BELLAGGIO Kitchen furniture by Aran Cucine


Aran Cucine is a solid and well-known kitchen furniture manufacturer. It always pays particular attention to design, constantly researches on the quality of materials and studies the functionality and reliability of every model. All these factors make each its product an innovative furniture piece that harmoniously combines modern technologies and the tradition of Made in Italy.

Aran Cucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

ERIKA Kitchen furniture by Aran Cucine

High-quality craftsmanship, modern design and innovative technology are the symbols of tradition that always belonged to Italy. For Aran Cucine designing a kitchen is not a mere manufacturing but creating a space where we can experience unique emotions with our family and friends.

The company Aran Cucine was founded by Renzo Rastelly, an authentic self-made man. He started taking care of kitchens when he was only 20 years old. He founded Newform Cucine and from the very beginning his vocation was to conquer the foreign market. In the early 2000s mister Rastelli took a leading role in Aran Cucine.  His company managed to become a famous and successful kitchen furniture manufacturer very soon.

Valcucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

RICICLANTICA Kitchen furniture by Valcucine

Valcucine is a renowned Italian kitchen manufacturer that for almost 40 years has been producing extremely high-quality and elegant kitchen furniture. From the moment of its foundation in 1980, the mission of Valcucine has been to create contemporary and at the same time timeless designs.

Valcucine has always tried to create new, modular and functional kitchen furniture that would perfectly fit into today’s busy life. Our lives are stressful enough, so the goal of a modern kitchen should be that of letting us cook without feeling any kind of stress or fatigue. For this reason, Valcucine started creating functional kitchen designs that would allow people to enjoy cooking while minimizing the almost inevitable consequences of cleaning up and feeling uncomfortable after hours spent standing up.

Valcucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

GENIUS LOCI Kitchen furniture by Valcucine

Valcucine realizes the importance of creating kitchens using 100% environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. It has been one of the main goals of this kitchen furniture manufacturer from the very start. Those who want to live in a non-toxic and environment-friendly kitchen can really rely on Valcucine, knowing that they can choose from a wide range of ecological materials.

Valcucine is an Italian brand but it doesn’t mean that its high-quality kitchen furniture is sold only in this country. Today this renowned Italian kitchen furniture manufacturer is present in more than 370 showrooms all over the world.

Valcucine | Top European Kitchen Manufacturers in 2019 | eurooo.com

FORMA MENTIS Kitchen furniture by Valcucine

The kitchen is the real heart of any house, where we can spend a lot of memorable moments with our family and friends. That’s why it’s so important to create a comfortable, functional and stylish kitchen design that can also perfectly reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. In this article we have presented three of the most renowned and famous European kitchen manufacturers. They all have something in common: a wide range of high-quality kitchen furniture, the use of high-quality sustainable materials and their continuous research of innovative and functional designs.

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