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Top Italian Furniture Brands in India

Top Italian Furniture Brands in India

Let's explore some of the top Italian furniture brands popular in India. These famous Italian furniture producers demonstrate the evolution of Italian design and express its creativity and innovation.

Italy is famous in all the world as a cradle of art and culture. Besides, it’s known as one of the international capitals of design, style and fashion. Some of the most luxurious furniture brands are from Italy and the success of this industry is a reflection of vast investments in product development, innovation, new technologies and research. The contribution of Italian luxury furniture brands has already established the country as one of the major exporters of modern and classical design furniture. Let’s find out more about the most famous Italian furniture brands that are popular and appreciated in India.

Natuzzi | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

GIO’ Sofa by Natuzzi


If you love interior design and home décor, then undoubtedly there’s an Italian brand that you have already heard: Natuzzi. This brand has already become a true symbol of Italian quality and expertise in India. Despite becoming an important international producer of luxurious sofas, Natuzzi design furniture is still renowned for the craftsmanship skills of the amazing artisans who produce it, not to mention the creativity of the designers who first create it.

Natuzzi | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

AVANA Sofa by Natuzzi

The story of Natuzzi began almost 60 years ago. A small workshop in Puglia grew to become an important company that now exports all over the world. The company was founded in 1959, in a small town in Puglia, a charming region located in southern Italy, by Pasquale Natuzzi who opened his first workshop. Here Pasquale Natuzzi started creating his first sofas that in due time would make him internationally famous, identifying him as one of the greatest Italian artisans and businessmen. Every Natuzzi sofa was entirely handcrafted from the most high-quality materials, putting together the two main features still present in all the company’s creations: comfort and style.

The comfort is achieved with smooth and enveloping lines, and materials skilfully combined with innovation and technology. This concept goes beyond the mere aesthetic element, and is able to cradle your everyday emotions. 

Natuzzi | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

CAPRICCIO Sofa by Natuzzi


Poliform is one of the most influential and important international design companies. The brand has been able to join contemporary lifestyle and trends, giving life to an elegant and modern style. Poliform was founded in 1970 as a small family art workshop operated by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. Despite having achieved an international dimension, the company has managed to maintain its family character. The founders of Poliform still head the company today, successfully blending technical expertise and know-how with traditional craftsmanship techniques and traditional values. The three partners play different and complementary roles within the company. The third generation has gradually become the part of this family business, bringing specific personal experiences and guiding the company into a new era. The aim is to ensure that Poliform maintains its family-run dimension, making it the expression of individuals whose ties with the company are never separate from their own lives, passions and aspirations.

Poliform | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

SANTA MONICA Armchair by Poliform

The brand’s collection is very versatile and functional, it includes systems and finishing for all the areas of the house: bookcases, wardrobes, beds, kitchens, sofas, armchairs and accessories. Poliform’s collections are signed by some of the world most renowned and talented designers, such as Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Paolo Riva, Paola Navone, Roberto Lazzeroni, Kean-Marie Massaud and many others.

Poliform | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

HOWARD Table by Poliform


Molteni & C is a renowned Italian furniture company and it’s one of the key players in Italian furniture industry. Its design never gets old, in spite of the eighty years of hard and successful work. Undoubtfully, eighty years of experience for a company are a great achievement.

Molteni  | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

PAUL Sofa by Molteni & C


Molteni & C was founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934 in Giussano, Brianza, the area famous for its artisan furniture production. His small artisan’s workshop grew into a company and later into an important international group, always successfully combining innovative technologies with traditional craftsmanship. In the 1950s Molteni was a leader in the production of classical bedroom furniture. The 1960s were the years of Italy’s economic boom and change was in the air. It was the period when influential architects, interior designer and technical experts contributed to the products and their production. Starting from traditional artisans’ techniques, soon Molteni managed to identify its own personal road to success, continuously studying innovative manufacturing methods and new raw materials. Thanks to its intuition and the hard work, Molteni became one of the top 10 Italian furniture brand, famous and renowned not only in Italy but in the whole world.

Molteni  | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

LUCAS Sofa by Molteni & C

B&B Italia 

B&B Italia is a famous Italian furniture brand that has contributed to writing the history of Italian design. The brand has already become one of the main symbols of “Made in Italy” quality and it’s rightly considered one of the key players on the market of design furniture.

B&B Italia was established in 1966 as C&B (Cassina & Busnelli) by its talented and charismatic founder, Pier Ambrogio Busnelli. The company instantly distinguished itself for its impeccable modern style, use of innovative materials and technologies, soon becoming an international landmark for upholstered furniture. In 1973 Pier Ambrogio Busnelli purchases Cassina's shares and changes the name of the company to B&B Italia.

B&B Italia | Top 5 Italian Furniture Brands | Eurooo.com

MICHEL CLUB Sofa by B&B Italia 

“Products that are valuable in time”, this has been the company’s main philosophy and value for more than forty years. With creativity, innovation and manufacturing efficiency B&B Italia has set high standards and brought forth products that are captivating, highly functional and durable. The company’s distribution network covers 54 countries worldwide, counts more than 800 retailers and a growing number of flagship stores.

With its timeless collections B&B Italia has always anticipated trends. Adapting to changes and responding to the needs of the market and its customers, the brand is not only distinguished by its impeccable taste, high quality, modern technology and innovations, but also by its refined products with modern and decisive character.

CANASTA Sofa by B&B Italia


Undoubtedly, Lube is one the most renowned international kitchen producers. The company was founded in 1967 and has already proven its value on the market for the quality of its products and the originality of its designs.

The company was established as a small and modest carpentry workshop and expressed the desire of its founders to work for themselves. Luciano Sileoni, a young carpenter, and his friend, Benito Raponi, opened their kitchen workshop in a garage in Treia, a small town in the province of Macerate.

IMMAGINA PLUS Kitchen by Lube

The commitment of its creators finds its roots in the love for their products, made with care and passion, with attention to minimal details and finishes, always keeping in mind the importance of sustainability and the respect for the territory. Today Lube can proudly state to be one of the top three Italian companies manufacturing kitchens and the first one as the number of kitchen furniture produced each year. This honoured position is more than deserved, considering the past decades of hard work and customers satisfaction. The range of products within the brand allows any client to choose between modern and classic kitchen styles.

CREATIVA Kitchen by Lube

Italian furniture mainly features exquisite craftsmanship, superior quality and cost effectiveness and it's also elegant, sumptuous and solemn, characterized by beautiful lines as well as proper and classical proportion. If you are thinking of renovating your home design and are looking for new ideas and suggestions, we hope that this article about top 5 Italian furniture brands popular in India in 2019 could be useful for you. 

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