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Giorgetti: Timeless Design and True Italian Style

Giorgetti: Timeless Design and True Italian Style

Giorgetti is a renowned Italian luxury furniture manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality stylish furniture and home accessories that make your interior unique and elegant. Let’s find out more about this famous Italian high-end furniture brand.

Giorgetti is a renowned Italian furniture manufacturer with a tradition of more than one hundred years. Giorgetti’s history is rooted in the city of Meda in the center of Brianza region, famous for its craftsmanship traditions and for its high-quality luxury furniture production.


The brand was founded in 1898 by Luigi Giorgetti who decided to open a small workshop with less than ten employees. Today, 120 years later, Giorgetti is a renowned international furniture producer with shops all over the world. Giorgetti’s achievements were recognized by important international design competitions and interior design experts. Giorgetti’s passion for mixing traditions with innovations is expressed in the creation of unique furniture pieces that are renowned for their classical elegance and incredible attention to details.

GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

DRIVE Sofa by Giorgetti

Giorgetti produces only high-end design furniture and home accessories that range from the purely classical style to the modern style, but the brand also enriches its collections with innovative and original models. The main protagonist of all Giorgetti’s collections is natural wood, the expensive element of the company that is worked in innovative ways without ever departing from the fine traditional cabinetmaking. The wood has always been enhanced by combining it with other precious materials: leather, glass and textile, which are available in many colors and textures. An attentive search and adequate conservation of the raw materials, in particular of solid wood, such as ebony, maple, beech and walnut, has always been synonymous of quality for Giorgetti. All the materials are processed and combined with taste, elegance and attention to details in order to create a timeless high-end product which style goes beyond fashion trends of the moment.


GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

LADY Armchair by Giorgetti

Giorgetti’s collaborations with designers which began at the end of 80s gave it the possibility to produce functional and contemporary furniture pieces with a unique and unmistakable style. Giorgetti successfully combines the highest artisanship with its long-time woodworking traditions, using sophisticated modern machinery and the most innovative manufacturing techniques. All this results in elegant and stylish high-end furniture collections created by some of the most renowned and talented designers and architects such as Carlo Colombo, Roberto Lazzeroni, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba and many others. The innovative machinery used by Giorgetti for the production of its furniture collections allows the wood to be shaped respecting the nature of this precious material and guaranteeing an absolute precision. This is completed by the irreplaceable workmanship and the experience of Giorgetti’s artisans. All these factors help Giorgetti create unique handmade pieces that will become a real gem of every interior.

GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

MAGICA Armchair by Giorgetti

Giorgetti is proud of the fact that all its creative and production processes are exclusively realized in Italy, so the company can use the prestigious brand “Made in Italy”. This choice allows the entire production process to be checked with respect for the environment as well as guaranteeing the creation of long-lasting high-quality furniture.


Giorgetti is present in 106 countries around the world. Giorgetti’s international success has encouraged the company to plan a series of Giorgetti ateliers in the biggest and the most influential cities of the international furniture market. Giorgetti opened its ateliers in Milan, Rome, Antwerp, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta and Guangzhou. The ateliers are represented by elegant apartments in which Giorgetti welcomes designers and client into luxurious domestic settings, offering them complete consulting services.   


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Giorgetti’s Atelier in Antwerp

Giorgetti’s unique and elegant style is recognized on an international level both by its faithful clients and by design experts. These years have seen the birth of products that especially fit executive offices, luxurious residences and contract projects. One of the most renowned and appreciated models created by Giorgetti is undoubtedly Rea bed. This model was created in 2007 by a famous Chines designer Chi Wing Lo. Rea bed has a winged shape that creates an effect of a luxurious nest guaranteeing the maximum rest and relaxation. Rea bed is far from the cold minimalist lines and gives comfort thanks to its soft elegance. This model won the Wallpaper Design Award for the Best Bed 2005 category.

GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

REA Bed by Giorgetti

Move is an elegant rocking armchair with great aesthetic balance created by Rossella Pugliatti in 2014. The wooden frame is made of thirty pieces of solid ash wood, realized thanks to Giorgetti’s precision technology, which is followed by manual manufacturing in the finishes and gluing phases. This model perfectly reflects Giorgetti’s expertise in working with such a precious natural material as wood, which becomes incredibly flexible and light in the hands of brand’s artisans.

GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

MOVE Rocking armchair by Giorgetti

Galet is a collection of dormeuse, small sofa, day bed and pouf which was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba in 2018. The forms of the past were revisited in these elegant timeless models, adapted for the modern lifestyle. The designers used these classical forms creating a new, simple and yet refined style.

GIORGETTI | Giorgetti: High-end Italian furniture manufacturer | Eurooo.com

GALET Small sofa by Giorgetti

Giogetti successfully mixes the past and the present creating timeless and incredibly refined furniture designs. The versatility of each Giorgetti collection has always been a real journey through time. Each Giorgetti furniture piece has its own identity which can live on its own or create a harmonious dialogue with other Giorgetti proposals. High-end refined furniture and home accessories by Giorgetti will help you make any interior unique, adding a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication.  

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