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Romanticism? Opt for the Classic Style!

Discover the Eurooo project in China; the protagonist is the classic Renaissance style.

16 May 2019 49 0

From 10th to 12th June 2018, Eurooo has completed the distribution and installation of some products as part of the Blue Dragon Bay Villa Community project in Shenzhen, southern China. From the living room to the bedroom, from the furniture to the accessories, the products delivered in this project certainly create a romantic atmosphere, full of charm and elegance. Let's discover together the key products of this project: sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, trolleys, beds and chandeliers!


Starting from the living room, the features of a classic design sofa are certainly a prominent covering, with gilded details and other decorative elements such as knobs placed behind the headboard or large buttons that mark the seams and underline the damask pattern of the backrest. Large cushions complete the whole, as in the Borromeo sofa by Zanaboni.

BORROMEO sofa | Zanaboni | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

BORROMEO sofa | Zanaboni

Do you prefer more colors but want to keep an extremely sophisticated style? Opt for the Elton sofa from the Printemps collection (spring, in French) by Jumbo Collection. The typical elements of a classic style are in any case clearly visible and here, in particular, Jumbo Collection offers a model with fringes along the perimeter of the structure, with a focus on the coating characterized by bright colors and, precisely, spring colors.

ELTON sofa | Jumbo Collection | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ELTON sofa | Jumbo Collection

Caspari Tino proposes instead a sofa with a visible wooden structure and gold decorations. Saint Germain is a modular sofa (270 x 270 x h115 cm) available with different finishes and upholstery.

SAINT GERMAIN sofa | Caspari Tino | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

SAINT GERMAIN sofa | Caspari Tino

The last option for an elegant and luxurious living room is proposed by Bellotti Ezio, with this sofa with red covering entirely in silk and carvings along the entire structure.

Classic sofa | Bellotti Ezio | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

Classic sofa | Bellotti Ezio

How to complete the living room if not with a central coffee table placed in front of the sofa? Although it is a classic style and romanticism, functionality should not be forgotten. This is why Ceppi Style proposes this coffee table with smoked glass top, glossy Eucalyptus finish with brass edging. Available in both square and round versions.

Coffee table 3367 and coffee table 3337 | Ceppi Style | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

Coffee table 3367 and coffee table 3337 | Ceppi Style


The central element of the dining room, the table, must surely be functional but at the same time elegant and with a strong presence. Bellotti Ezio offers this briarwood and rosewood table with gold inlays, accompanied by equally comfortable upholstered chairs.

Classic luxury table | Bellotti Ezio | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

Classic luxury table | Bellotti Ezio

The dining room is completed by this practical trolley by Modenese Gastone, from the Villa Venezia collection.

Food trolley | Modenese Gastone | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

Food trolley | Modenese Gastone


The bed is the central element of the room and as such represents the furniture that must be functional and elegant, but which must also represent a strong decoration factor. The classic style bed has as its central element the headboard, hand-worked and entirely decorated, covered or inlaid.

Zanaboni offers Charlene, a four-poster bed with curtains and headboard entirely inlaid and with gold decorations.

CHARLENE four-poster bed | Zanaboni | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

CHARLENE four-poster bed | Zanaboni


Even with regard to lighting, the classic style is not outdone. Important chandeliers can represent the right decorative element in the dining room, even in combination with a simple and undemanding table. By becoming the fulcrum of the entire room, the chandelier can have fake candles and crystal pendants, such as the Novecento chandelier proposed by Beby Italy. Wanting a more compact decoration, it is possible to opt for the Empire model, which develops vertically.

NOVECENTO chandelier and EMPIRE chandelier | Beby Italy | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

NOVECENTO chandelier (left) and EMPIRE chandelier (right) | Beby Italy

The Biancarosa chandelier by Masiero is less striking but not of less quality, with small appliques and crystal pendants placed along the entire circumference of the lamp.

BIANCAROSA chandelier | Masiero | Classic Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

BIANCAROSA chandelier | Masiero

Taken individually or combined together, these classic style luxury products certainly create a romantic atmosphere within the house, with delicacy and a hint of extravagance.

If you are interested in the products described above or if you want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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