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Another project in Beijing for Eurooo

Discover the products delivered in Beijing by Eurooo

On 7th June 2018, Eurooo completed its project at the Dongshan residence in Beijing.

The furniture protagonists of this recent delivery have allowed to furnish the entire living room. Starting from the left, there is the Aura chair by Natuzzi in green, used in this case as an armchair for the living room. The large seat and practical padding allow Aura to quietly furnish the living room, without being out of place.

AURA Chair | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

AURA Chair | Natuzzi

The central element of the living room is in this case the Tenore sofa, also by Natuzzi. Tenore is a sofa with a sophisticated design characterized by thin armrests, "moccasin" stitching and special satin nickel feet. Even small living rooms are the ideal environment to appreciate the modernity and comfort of this sofa.

TENORE Sofa | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

TENORE Sofa | Natuzzi

The armchair on the right is instead Piccola Papilio by B&B Italia. If the wings of the Grande Papilio protect the head of those who sit on it, those of the Piccola Papilio support its back and give life to a seat that respects the need for comfort and complete support. The polyurethane padding, the swivel base and the upholstery available in leather or fabric make Piccola Papilio the perfect armchair, with the right and balanced dimensions.

PICCOLA PAPILIO Armchair | B&B Italia | Eurooo | eurooo.com

PICCOLA PAPILIO Armchair | B&B Italia

The last sitting in the living room is the Do-Maru armchair by B&B Italia. The Do-Maru armchair takes its name from the ancient armor of the samurai, built with rigid plates of painted and decorated leather that wrapped and protected the body of the warriors. The shell of the seat is made with a pair of overlapping shells, softened by two fabric or leather upholstery, as in this case.

DO-MARU Armchair | B&B Italia | Eurooo | eurooo.com

DO-MARU Armchair | B&B Italia

The décor in this living room in Beijing ends with the Svevo table by Natuzzi. Svevo is a program of coffee tables inspired by the Scandinavian design, thanks to stylistic research into the creation of new lines. Svevo is characterized by a mix of materials such as wood, metal, Calacatta Oro Italian marble and Dark Emperador marble. Although made with fine materials, Svevo maintains the maximum functionality: the upper part is in fact finished with an anti-scratch and water-repellent coating to protect natural materials.

SVEVO Coffee table | Natuzzi | Eurooo | eurooo.com

SVEVO Coffee table | Natuzzi

If you are interested in the products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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