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Flexform: 60 years of success in the interior’s world

Flexform is a renowned Italian brand specialized in the production of high-end upholstered furniture. As the company reaches its 60th year in the business of design furniture production, let’s find out more about the secret of its international success.

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Flexform is one of the best Italian furniture brands that was founded in 1959. Flexform is a family business, that was born in the most flourishing period of Italian design in the furniture manufacturing district of Brianza in Northern Italy. This is where the unique worldwide phenomenon of design Made in Italy began. In 1959 the Galimberti brothers decided to start their first crafts workshop, which was initially called “Flexform di Galimberti”. Their elegant sofas and chairs soon found their way into some of the county’s most stylish and elegant homes, from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan to gorgeous villas on Lake Como.  

Flexform | Flexform: 60 years of success in the interior’s world | Eurooo.com

ADDA Sofa by Flexform

The founders’ sons managed to transform this small family workshop into an industrial facility. They created a strong connection between production and design, working with the most prominent designers of the time: Joe Colombo, Asnago-Vender, Cini Boeri, Rodolfo Bonetto and many others. The 70s marked a decisive turning point in the brand’s conception of products. Trying to avoid repetition of past designs and models, Flexform managed to create its own style and its production became extremely original and contemporary. In that period Flexform started its fruitful collaboration with the young designer Antonio Citterio, that has continued without interruption to the present. This long-running creative partnership has taken this Italian furniture brand to new heights. Antonio Citterio has written Flexform’s history designing some of the brand’s bestsellers like Infinity bookshelves and Groundpiece sofa collection.

Flexform | Flexform: 60 years of success in the interior’s world | Eurooo.com

GROUNDPIECE Sofa by Flexform

In the 1970s Flexform understood the vital importance of exploring new markets. This Italian furniture brand managed to gain visibility in the most exclusive furniture stores in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. With the arrival of the new millennium, Flexform opened a number of exclusive brand’s flagship stores in the biggest and the most prestigious cities of the world.

Flexform | Flexform: 60 years of success in the interior’s world | Eurooo.com

LARIO Sofa by Flexform

Flexform offers a large collection of high-end home furniture, focusing on the production of sofas and armchairs. This Italian furniture brand is internationally renowned for its products for the living area, but its collections also cover the dining room and the bedroom zone. There is one constant for all the brand’s collections: elegance. The term luxury that is often understood as redundancy and excess, certainly cannot be applied to Flexform’s style. The brand’s designs are better represented by the concept of sober elegance. Fashions and trends come and go, but elegant design remains timeless and valid for many generations. Flexform creates true timeless products that will survive for a long time, oblivious to passing fashions.

Flexform | Flexform: 60 years of success in the interior’s world | Eurooo.com

PETER Armchair by Flexform

Flexform select all the materials: fabrics, leathers, woods and metals according to the highest quality standards, also considering their sustainability. The durability of products is another crucial value of environmental sustainability. Long-lasting furniture pieces lead to less waste and pollution, not generating material for disposal, not requiring transportation and resulting emission of CO2. Flexform furniture, crafted with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, are made to last in time.

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