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Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019-2020

If you’re thinking of renovating your house and you’re in search of new ideas and designs, let’s find out together top 5 German furniture brands in 2019

03 June 2019 2783 0

Undoubtedly, Germany continues to be counted among the world’s biggest furniture nations. The main reasons for its good reputation are the high standard of quality, the use of selected materials and the attractive modern design, but also the reliability and the competence of German furniture manufacturers. So let’s find out together top 5 German high-end furniture brands in 2019-2020.

DEDON | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

TIGMI Outdoor sofa by Dedon


Dedon is one of the leading brands in Germany specialized in the production of design high-end outdoor furniture. This famous German furniture brand was founded in 1990 by a former football star Bobby Dekeyser. Dedon is more than a simple company that produces furniture, it represents an instinctive, natural and passionate way of interpreting the exteriors of home. Every their chair, table or sofa expresses a unique experience, while the modularity of the compositions offers endless possibilities to make room for your own imagination. Dedon has already become the true point of reference at the global level in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture. This German furniture brand uses an original hand-woven fiber that is not only resistant to rain, frost, sun and sea water, but also manages to maintain colors and texture.

DEDON | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

NETREST Outdoor armchair by Dedon

Dedon’s collections are completely handcrafted at its own factory on the Philippine island of Cebu that is considered a real Mecca for the traditional art of handweaving. Each article manufactured there is a unique hand-made piece of woven furniture. Dedon creates unique and original open-air spaces, inspired by travels and far-away exotic countries. Make your garden unique and cozy with exclusive Dedon furniture. Start you own journey towards far and exotic places without leaving you home.

Siematic | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

CLASSIC Kitchen by Siematic



Attractive, long-lasting and innovative products is what the world usually expects of German kitchen manufacturers. Continually meeting these high expectations has been the basis for the remarkable international success of many German furniture producers. SieMatic is one of these companies. SieMatic is one of Germany’s oldest kitchen manufacturers. This family-run German kitchen brand was founded almost a century ago in 1929. Since then this kitchen manufacturer has always followed its main goal: the development of kitchen designs that could interpret the world of kitchens in an intelligent and a functional way. SieMatic kitchens have been exported all over the world since 1960 and today the company sells its high-quality kitchen furniture in more than 60 countries.

Siematic | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

PURE Kitchen by Siematic

Another value that has helped SieMatic gain this international success is the constant attention to details they put in everything they do. From the designs themselves to the choice of high-quality selected materials there is nothing left to chance in their kitchen furniture. Another interesting feature of this German kitchen manufacturer is its attention to the customer’s needs and preferences. That’s why SieMatic offers three different style collections: Urban, Pure and Classic, which make it possible to design timeless and elegant living spaces that can perfectly reflect their owners’ lifestyle and personality.  

Nolte | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

GLAS TECH PLUS Kitchen by Nolte


Nolte is a renowned German furniture brand specialized in the production of kitchens. Founded in 1958, Nolte is now Germany’s second largest kitchen manufacturer that exports its high-end design products to over 50 countries worldwide. Despite its growth and international success, Nolte remains a family-owned business, with traditional values based on personal relationship, honesty, commitment and hard work. This high-end furniture company has also been rated as Germany’s most popular kitchen brand, producing high quality and elegant luxury furniture for over 60 years.

Nolte | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

ARTWOOD FEEL Kitchen by Nolte

Nolte is a true symbol of exceptional German quality, its kitchen collections embody diversity, reliability and impeccable design. Nolte’s kitchens are as individual as their owners. This German furniture brand will help you find your dream kitchen, suiting your house and budget and completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements. Thanks to its fully automated innovative machinery and skilled employees, Nolte manages to maintain high standards of materials, design and production. Its kitchens offer exceptional quality, reliability and consistency of craftsmanship.

Walter Knoll | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

OKI Table by Walter Knoll


Walter Knoll is one of the most important names in the world of German design furniture. This renowned furniture manufacturer has a history of over a hundred years full of moments of glory and it is still ranked among the most prestigious German brands in the luxury sector. The brand’s catalogue covers all areas of the house, from the dining area to the bedroom and the living room, with a particular focus on upholstered furniture. This famous German furniture brand was founded in 1865 by Wilhelm Knoll, who decided to open his leather shop in the center of Stuttgart in Germany. Soon the activity also expanded to the production of leather sofas and armchairs, becoming the official supplier of the royal court.

Walter Knoll | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

JASON 390 Sofa by Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll continues to make its mark in the history of design, collaborating with some of the most talented and prominent international designers: Trix & Robert Haussmann, Arno Votteler, Sadi Ozis, Norman Foster, Claudio Bellini, Kengo Kuma, Toan Nguyen, Mauro Lipparini and Wolfgang C. R. Mezger. The company has managed to receive more than 120 international design awards, that undoubtedly shows the company’s design expertise and impeccable style.

Bulthaup | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

B1 Kitchen by Bulthaup


Bulthaup is another famous high-end kitchen brand from Germany. Bulthaup kitchens are renowned worldwide for their excellent quality and impeccable modern design. This German furniture brand is characterized by precision, innovation and the highest levels of craftsmanship. The kitchen designs are created from a passion to build living spaces that are easy for the customer to use and timeless in appearance.

Bulthaup | Top 5 German Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

B3 Kitchen by Bulthaup

Bulthaup’s history began in 1949 when its founder Martin Bulthaup bought an old sawmill and transformed it into a small furniture factory. Thanks to the excellent quality of its production, Bulthaup’s kitchens quickly conquered the German market and by the 70s the company became the undisputed leader, the industry pioneer and the true trendsetter in the kitchen world.


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