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Porada and the tradition of solid wood | Eurooo

Porada and the tradition of solid wood

Discover the Eurooo project with some Porada products, entirely made with solid wood

Wooden furniture is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and the search for quality wood has therefore become the first rule to be respected. Simple, natural and resistant, wood becomes the protagonist of the house, making the environment more welcoming and the atmosphere more relaxed.

Porada has decided to focus its production precisely on wood, creating products strictly in solid wood. What characterizes Porada products is in fact the perfect balance between form and functionality and the unconditional love for wood, which makes the products become real works of art from a simple wooden trunk.

3rd August 2018, Eurooo project at the Xinhu Shangri-La in Hangzhou

Several Porada products have been delivered in China this time. From the chest of drawers to the table, from the console to the armchair, solid walnut, in this case, becomes the protagonist of the house.

Wood in the living room

ZIGGY 9 Console | Porada | The Tradition of Solid Wood | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ZIGGY 9 Console | Porada

The Ziggy 9 console, available in a high version or as a small table to place near the sofa, is characterized by two small frontal drawers and a solid walnut structure. The top is also available in marble or crystal, as well as in the polished wood version. Perfect as an entrance console or as a table top in the living room.

ARENA Armchair | Porada | The Tradition of Solid Wood | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ARENA Armchair | Porada

The Arena armchair has a solid ash wood structure that wraps around the rest of the seat. Covered with the best fabrics of the Porada collection, Arena is also available in bright colors, like this red/fuchsia, to light up the environment. Porada never forgets functionality, a supporting element together with design and elegance. For this reason, it has designed an armchair that is both luxurious, comfortable and well-structured.

Wood in the dining room

ELIKA Table and NISSA Chairs | Porada | The Tradition of Solid Wood | Eurooo | eurooo.com

ELIKA Table and NISSA Chairs | Porada

The Elika table is the true protagonist of the dining room. The helical structure present at the base is the central element of the table, completed with a metal base and an almost invisible tempered glass top, which makes the majesty of solid wood stand out even more. Even when it comes to Nissa chairs, solid walnut is the main component.

Wood in the bedroom

NYAN Double bed | Porada | The Tradition of Solid Wood | Eurooo | eurooo.com

NYAN Double bed | Porada

Nyan is the perfect bed for lovers of wood and of Porada. With a structure entirely made of solid canaletta walnut, frame in poplar plywood covered in leather and headboard covered in leather, Nyan makes the bedroom environment warm and welcoming enough.

 REGENT 1 Chest of drawers | Porada | The Tradition of Solid Wood | Eurooo | eurooo.com

REGENT 1 Chest of drawers | Porada

The Regent 1 chest of drawers is the perfect element for those who want a container space of not excessive dimensions, which can act as a storage cupboard and at the same time as a design object. The three drawers with slow closing are interspersed with the structure in solid canaletta walnut and are also available with leather upholstery.

With these products, Porada proves to be the winning choice for a warm, welcoming and elegant environment. The simplicity and elegance of wood blend perfectly, as in this case, with the refinement and perfection of the Chinese style, as seen also during our last project in China.

If you are interested in the products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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