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Three projects, three products, three brands

Three recent Eurooo projects in China with Poliform, Il Loft and Daytona.

05 June 2019 664 0

Project n. 1: July 27, 2018, Shanghai Zhenyuan

The protagonist of this first project in China is the Italian brand Poliform. The brand is known throughout the world for the elegance and extreme modernity of its design. Always looking for innovations and trends, Poliform proposes a minimalist design, paying attention to the smallest details and always giving space for comfort and functionality. The Poliform furniture design philosophy is rooted in the terrain of excellent traditional Italian artistic culture and combines art and technology, tradition and innovation to guide fashion and global design trends.

Poliform | Project in China | Eurooo | eurooo.com

SKIN Wardrobe | Poliform

The modular leather wardrobe is the perfect example for the Poliform brand. Skin is a wardrobe defined by the particular processing of the door. The compositional versatility of the entire collection allows Skin to be placed in any environment, always guaranteeing the maximum possible capacity. With hinged or sliding door, Skin is available in both glossy and matt versions. With a very wide range of accessories, from the clothes hanger to the trouser bar, from the shoe rack to the belt holder, it will certainly be easier to satisfy the need for space and order!

Project n. 2: July 27, 2018, Xinchang City in Shanghai

The protagonist of the second project of Eurooo is another Italian brand: Il Loft. All the furnishings, accessories and decorations of Il Loft come from the creative mind of Giorgio Saporiti and are entirely made by hand. A team of craftsmen masterfully works with wood, steel and plastic, creating products with sinuous lines and refined materials.

Il Loft | Project in China | Eurooo | eurooo.com

SUPER ROY Sofa | Il Loft

Bright colors and sinuous lines are the hallmarks of Il Loft. The bright colors certainly create the most creative and solar environment. By opting instead, as in this case, for a darker color the effect is attenuated but still stunning. The curved armrests are the central element of the structure, making the Super Roy sofa not at all obvious. Even the backrest is composed of irregular cushions, which allow diversity and dynamism to the entire product.

Project n. 3: July 27, 2018, Vanke Emerald Riverside in Shanghai

Daytona is an Italian brand of classic and modern furniture that offers high-quality luxury furniture such as beds, bookcases, stools and tables. The materials used by Daytona, such as fine wood, fabrics and leathers require the production of sophisticated Italian luxury furniture.

Daytona | Project in China | Eurooo | eurooo.com

HAMILTON TV cabinet | Daytona

Marble and leather are already enough to create a high-quality piece of furniture. From the expert hands of the artisans and designers of Daytona, Hamilton was born, a marble TV cabinet with frontal leather finishes. Elegant and minimalist but also functional: the Hamilton TV cabinet satisfies the need for decoration but also for functionality.

If you are interested in the products above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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