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10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

If you’re considering a kitchen makeover but don’t think you have enough space to work with, then this article can be particularly useful to you. We’ve prepared 10 tips that will make your small kitchen look bigger and more spacious.

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We all dream of having a brand-new stylish kitchen, with a large island and more cabinets than we know what to do with. Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of us have small kitchens. Sometimes it can be really hard to figure out how to make our small spaces functional and still looking beautiful. In a small kitchen each component must be perfectly planned, from the layout to appliances. All must work cohesively to overcome the limitations of cooking in a confined space. It means that designing a small kitchen can often take longer than planning a larger room, because the requirements are so exact. We’ve gathered the best small kitchen design tips to help you create a stylish and practical space. So just follow our design tips for a small kitchen and the final result will surprise you!

SieMatic | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

URBAN Kitchen collection by SieMatic


The number one tip for those who want to create more space in their small kitchen is to declutter. You will be amazed at how much bigger your small kitchen will seem once you get rid of all the unnecessary items that you actually never use. Gather all your cups, dishes, utensils and small appliances and reduce them to those that you really need and use regularly. Eliminate as many as you can.

Dada | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

TRIM Kitchen by Dada


Don’t clutter too many items on your kitchen countertops. Only keep out what you use on a daily basis and store everything else away. If there are still too many items on your worktops, consider clever solutions like wall-mounted magnetic knife stripes, rails to hang utensils, pans, mugs and spice jars. By doing so, your counters will be easier to clean and you will also increase your workspace.

Cangini&Tucci | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

ZOE Pendant lamp by Cangini&Tucci


If your kitchen is really small, it’s especially important to make sure that your lighting is doing its job. No matter how many tricks you employ to make your small kitchen look bigger, bad lighting will ruin it all, making your space feel even smaller. Pendant lights may be a perfect solution for a small room design. If there is no kitchen island to hang pendants over, you can put them above the kitchen sink. It will both add another level of lighting and guarantee that you aren’t going to wash your dishes in the dark. Trust us, lighting will play a major role in helping your small kitchen feel larger. 

Lube | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

SWING Kitchen by Lube


If you have a small kitchen, don’t limit your storage to horizontal spaces. Take advantage of the tops of your cabinets for items you use less frequently, install cup hooks under your cabinets for coffee mugs. Use hanging baskets, pot racks and shelves to make the most of your small kitchen. You can free up your cupboards and countertops by hooking most of your utensils.

Meson's | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

M_URANO Kitchen by Meson’s


When you have a small kitchen, you should identify all the places where space is wasted, such as the gaps between the shelves, at the back of cupboards, below the sink, unused corners and even windowsills. Extra shelves in corners will also be very handy. 

Veneta Cucina | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

TABLET Kitchen by Veneta Cucine


Mirrors are often recommended for small rooms to help make the space feel bigger. The same can be said for kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, you can use some glossy features to make it seem larger. Gloss finish cabinets and worktops, as well as stainless steel accents across taps, handles and appliances will reflect the light and make your small kitchen feel much larger than it actually is. To enhance this look, make the most of your natural light by keeping the window design very simple. This will help you maximize the amount of natural light in the kitchen, that will be reflected on the glossy and metal surfaces.

Bulthaup | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

B1 Kitchen by Bulthaup


When decorating small spaces, you should try to keep your color scheme very simple. If there are too many colors in one small area, the kitchen could end up looking chaotic. Stick to one or two main colors and choose similar shades for your cabinets, walls and floors. Remember that color scheme of your kitchen will have a big impact on the impression of the available space. Light colors will naturally reflect light, which will make you small kitchen look less cramped and dark. Bright white and cream colors may be an obvious choice, but don’t feel limited. Light greens, blues and greys can work perfectly as well.

Officine Gullo | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

Modern kitchen sink by Officine Gullo


If you have a small kitchen, you might not have enough space for a dishwasher, so it’s worth finding room for a double sink. Use one bowl for washing and one bowl for dirty dishes. This way you’ll have space to stack your dirty dishes without cluttering up the worktop. You can also consider a corner sink, that might be the ideal solution if you have very limited space on your countertops. In fact, the corner of countertops is rarely used, as it is not an ideal spot for food preparing. It might become the ideal spot to do your dishes, though.

Nolte | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

CARISMA LACK Kitchen by Nolte


When it comes to choosing cupboards, worktops, splash backs and furniture for the dining area, keep things sleek and simple to avoid making your small kitchen feel too busy and overly cluttered. It’s also worth selecting simple handles instead of bulky designs or even using kitchen cabinets with integrated push-to-open mechanism. Embracing a minimalist design for your small kitchen can help you establish a feeling of order and create an illusion of space. Remember that simple doesn’t mean boring, you can easily add personality and interest to a minimalist kitchen with some plants, ceramics, artwork and other accessories.

Kartell | 10 Tips to Make your Small Kitchen Look Bigger | Eurooo.com

GASTONE Trolley by Kartell


Finally, a trolley on casters may be an easy way to add some extra storage space in a small kitchen. You can roll it wherever you need and tuck it away when you don’t need it any more. It could even be used as a bar cart or a serving trolley when you have guests.


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