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Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019

Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019

Summer is warming up the temperature and we all want to spend more time outdoors. Enjoy this new season with stylish and brand-new outdoor furniture from the best European design brands.

With the arrival of sunny and hot summer days, we all try to spend more time outdoors. Almost any outdoor space can be transformed into your personal corner of paradise, where you can enjoy the spring and summer months with your family and friends. From relaxing in lounge chairs with your favorite book to eating barbecue at an umbrella covered table, the right outdoor furniture can make your midsummer night’s dream a reality. Decorate your outdoor space with elegance and functionality, expressing your personal style and taste. Here you will find some of the best outdoor furniture brands which will help you transform your garden or patio into your personal oasis of relaxation and piece.

B&B Italia | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

CRINOLINE Armchair by B&B Italia


B&B Italia is an Italian high-end furniture brand that was founded in Novedrate (Como), north of Milan, in 1966 by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli. Since then, this Italian furniture manufacturer has become a successful and acclaimed company, known all over the world for its stylish design furniture for home and garden. B&B Italia’s luxurious products have contributed to the history of Italian design.

B&B Italia | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

CANASTA Sofa by B&B Italia

The B&B Italia furniture collections has its roots in the ability to reflect contemporary culture and the capacity to respond quickly to ever changing habits, lifestyles and requirements. B&B Italia outdoor furniture collections tell us a unique story of talent and innovation. An object, a style or a landscape can become a powerful source of inspiration for the designer. B&B Italia outdoor furniture collections can be considered the true emblem of quality and comfort.

Vondom | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

ULM Daybed by Vondom


The Spanish company Vondom is another internationally renowned brand specialized in the production of stylish outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories. Vondom’s furniture is created with passion and designed for dynamic people who love innovations and appreciate unique objects. Vondom’s outdoor furniture transforms the simplest spaces into glamourous and extraordinary ambiences.

Vondom | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

BIOPHILIA Sofa by Vondom

Vondom offers a series of products with strong characteristics, made of recycled materials with the use of innovative production methods. This outdoor furniture brand collaborates with famous designers and architects from all over the world, such as Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Javier Mariscal and many others.

Dedon | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

DALA Collection by Dedon



The German brand Dedon is more than a simple company that produces outdoor furniture, it represents an instinctive, natural and passionate way of interpreting the exteriors of home. Every Dedon’s chair, table or sofa expresses a unique experience, while the modularity of the compositions offers endless possibilities to make room for your own imagination. Dedon has already become the true point of reference at the global level in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture.

Dedon | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

MBRACE Collection by Dedon

The company uses an original hand-woven fiber that is not only resistant to rain, frost, sun and sea water, but also manages to maintain colors and texture. Dedon creates unique and original open-air spaces, inspired by travels and far-away exotic countries. Make your garden unique and cozy with exclusive Dedon furniture. Start you own journey towards far and exotic places without leaving you home.

Roda | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

HARP 304 Sunlounger by Roda


Roda is one of the most renowned Italian brands that got its spot in the interior design hall of fame thanks to the versality and uniqueness of its furniture design. The philosophy that this furniture brand expresses into its products has revolutionized the approach to the outdoor.


Roda | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

ARENA 001 Daybed by Roda

Roda has introduced the concept of “In and Out”, according to which materials, forms, colors and designs of indoors and outdoors contaminate each other. For Roda home décor is not about a single room, for them decorating is not about dividing environments. According to Roda’s philosophy, interior designer should create harmony and coherence within and outside of the entire house. The company was initially born as an outdoor furniture company wanting to make the entire house enjoyable and to furnish every corner of it without leaving any detail to chance.

Ethimo | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

LAREN Dining chair by Ethimo



The Italian company Ethimo specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories, taking its inspiration from the warm and inviting colors of the Mediterranean and the charm of humble and authentic places, where nature still plays a leading role. This young and dynamic brand of outdoor furniture merges contemporary trends and updated classic shapes.

Ethimo | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

COSTES Combination sofa by Ethimo

Ethimo does not produce simple garden furniture, it creates true oases of relaxation, authentic ambiences where you can spend time together with your loved ones, enjoying every moment of contact with nature. Ethimo’s outdoor furniture collections are characterizes by impeccable design, unique comfort and practicality Made in Italy. They are synonymous with quality, beauty and respect for the environment.

Roberti | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

SAMBA RIO Collection by Roberti



Roberti has six decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of fine outdoor furniture and accessories. This fairly old Italian brand was founded as a family business in 1959 and from the beginning has been one of the world’s main Italian producers of high-end outdoor furniture.

Roberti | Top Outdoor Furniture Brands in 2019 | Eurooo.com

KEY WEST Modular sofa by Roberti

The company was founded by Renato Roberti who started a handicraft production of high-end rattan furniture for outdoor and indoor, patio and terrace. Roberti’s furniture collections focus solely on outdoor living, which is something that is very hard to work on because of the unpredictable weather conditions that have to be taken into consideration during every step of the design process. Roberti has always been looking for innovative ways to manufacture more practical and stylish high-end outdoor furniture, creating some of the most unique and original models. 

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