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Top Summer Design Trends for 2019

Top Summer Design Trends for 2019

Start your summer with style! Find out about top summer design trends for 2019

Summer has just arrived and with all the energy and the fun it brings, how about refreshing your interior design? Summer is the perfect season for new ideas and fresh vibes. So why not let this unique boost of energy into your home and your summer interior design? Here are out top summer interior design trends to follow this year.

Boconcept | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

FARGO Sofa by Boconcept


Scandinavian style is a trend that never seems to go out of fashion. It’s fresh, elegant, simple and undeniably timeless. You can never go wrong with touches of Scandinavian design in your interiors.  Scandinavian style uses a blend of textures, contrasts and soft hues to make sleek and modern furniture feel warm and inviting. The clean and simple lines of this style work well with any accent color and can help create a calming environment. You can mix these essential designs with geometric patterns and natural materials. It’s no wonder that Scandinavian style is so popular. It speaks to our desire to live in cozy and comfortable spaces.

Natuzzi | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

TEMPO Sofa by Natuzzi


Warm mustard colors were a popular interiors theme in 2018 and they are still on trend. But this year rather than small accents of color we are seeing much larger pieces of furniture in mustard tones. Warmer and softer than bright yellow, mustard goes perfectly with many styles, in particular with the retro style and with the Scandinavian design that are so trendy lately. If you feel that your contemporary and minimalist interiors look a little plain and cold, you can add a bit of contrast, using some accents in mustard tones. It will help you make your room cozier and more interesting. When using such bold and contrast colors as mustard, the important thing is to always keep the right balance with the other elements that are combined with it.

If you want to find out more about some trendy colors for 2019, read our article Interior Design Color Trends 2019.

Lago | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

Modern open bookcase by LAGO


Once we were supposed to hide away all our knick-knacks and souvenirs, but not anymore. This year rather than hiding everything away, it’s on trend to have things on show especially when you’re talking about elegant colored glass, neutral hand-made ceramics, books and plants. This summer trend will really make your modern and minimalist interiors look homely and cozy.

Movelbento | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

RT 3038 Cabinet by Movelbento


Retro style has never gone out of style. This trend will stand the test of time which is why it has always remained so popular. This nostalgic trend celebrates mid-century interiors and designs. True retro style actually refers to several decades of design and the term is commonly used to describe décor from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Sleek lines and simplicity are the main features of this theme. This school of interior design is all about quality over quantity. Try mixing different shapes together to create the ideal final effect. One of the easiest ways to give your room a retro feel is to choose the right colors. Fortunately, it’s not so hard to do. Avocado green is by far the most popular retro color choice, followed by mustard and combinations of brown, black, white and red.

Altacorte | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

Sideboard by Altacorte


Last year we saw the domination of high-tech inspired elements, while the design trends in 2019 include fresh and natural materials such as stone, copper, wood, concrete and granite. These elements will help you bring an organic and serene atmosphere to any space while reflecting the world around your home. Sustainable and natural textures are the trend of this season, with a particular emphasis on raw materials such as bamboo and ethical cotton, which means that it is not only trendy but environmentally friendly too. To really embrace this trend, use house plants which can be useful not only to purify the air, but also to reduce stress, increase your energy, improve your night repose, make your home a healthy and calming environment.

V_Lab | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com



Boho style has been on trend for some time now and it’s one of the top summer interior design ideas. There are two main reasons of its popularity. First of all, there are not some many other styles that allow you to create a perfectly cozy and welcoming environment. The second reason is that boho design usually leaves you free enough to do whatever you prefer and to express yourself. Boho style is a mix of colors, textures and patterns. It blends influences and elements from different cultures and eras. Bohemian style was traditionally used to describe people who lived unconventionally, who were extremely artistic and nomadic. During the 60s and 70s Bohemian style enjoyed a renewed popularity and many of the key features of that period are present in today’s Boho style. Boho design actually imposes no restrictions. Anything that you have collected throughout your life and travels can be displayed and mixed together. Fill your place with a collection of fabrics, patterns, books, mirrors, art and vintage pieces and you’ll manage to create a true Boho style chaos, full of chic and elegance.

Mr Perswall | Top Summer Design Trends for 2019 | Eurooo.com

MONSTERA Wallpaper by Mr Perswall


Summer is symbolized by bright colors and fresh hues and 2019’s tropical interior design trend reflects it entirely. Green and yellow tones will brighten up your home and help you embrace this summer season. Use these bright and contrast colors with white background that will make the overall effect less dominating and more elegant. If you are a little bit shy about bold prints and hues, use some color accents to brighten up the place. This summer trend is a true celebration of nature. Botanical, palm and tropical prints can be used for cushion covers, table runners, ceramics, curtains and if you’re bold enough even for wallpaper. These vibrant and colorful prints can breathe new life into your rooms, big or small. 

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