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Ligne Roset: elegance and style for your living room! | Eurooo

Ligne Roset: elegance and style for your living room!

The minimalist style of the Ligne Roset collection to create a comfortable environment where you can find the perfect serenity.

The quality of life is not measured by its duration, but by the intensity with which it is lived. Throughout life there are so many things that we deal with, with an almost ritualistic attitude; the same can be applied to furniture. For this reason, choosing the furniture for your home accurately is the first step to create your own daily shelter.

November 14th 2016, Eurooo project in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province

Ligne Roset seems to satisfy our need for comfort and elegance. For its achievements, Ligne Roset is inspired by French culture, practical elegance and the concepts of the fashion world, to be able to offer its customers products with creative and sophisticated designs. The personality of Ligne Roset, therefore, allows us to discover elegant furnishings influenced by art, but also very comfortable and functional; Ligne Roset makes us fully appreciate the life and romantic essence of French style and fashion.

Ligne Roset | Elegance and Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

BERLIN LOFT Sofa bed | Ligne Roset

What's better than a sofa bed represented as a contemporary painting? Berlin Loft is inspired by the simplicity and practicality of the German capital, depicted precisely in the length of the sofa. The unique style represented by the designers of Ligne Roset represents different artistic concepts interpreted in many different angles. The Ligne Roset sofa is a bold innovation that differs from conventional design, making it a more personalized and freer product. Since the products by Ligne Roset entered the market, the company has always and widely demonstrated the value of tradition in the creation of modern and cutting-edge products. The style is warm and comfortable, an ideal place to find peace and serenity.

Ligne Roset | Elegance and Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

EXCLUSIF Modular sofa | Ligne Roset


Classic, elegant and comfortable, international and timeless, in a word: Exclusif. With only a handful of elements, all characterized by impeccable proportions, it is possible to create, with Exclusif, a range of different sofas and corner compositions.

Ligne Roset | Elegance and Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

HUMPHREY Armchair | Ligne Roset

Revisiting the style of the 1950s, the Humphrey armchair takes inspiration from the famous American actor Humphrey Bogart. Classically chiseled, Humphrey is accompanied by its footrest, thus becoming a practical chaise longue. The base is in metal, the seat in leather or fabric, while the armrests are in solid natural or black-stained oak wood. The design of the Humphrey armchair affirms a certain modernity and a place in time with its efficiency and economy of means. The two massive volumes of the seat float in the air, suspended by a thin and elegant structure.

Ligne Roset | Elegance and Style | Eurooo | eurooo.com

NANI Floor lamp | Ligne Roset

Not wanting to impose his presence in the living room, Nani is satisfied with little, illuminating and revealing. The humorous touch is found in the slight inclination of the shade, represented as a hat inverted by a gust of wind. Nani is composed of natural materials, such as turned solid beech, and noble ones such as blown opal white glass.

The whole living room is the combination of elegance and art; the selected materials have soft geometric lines, which emphasize the simplicity of the shapes. The colors reflect simplicity and modernity, important features for Ligne Roset. The style, tone and temperament of the furnishing products create the perfect combination to best reflect the personality and characteristics of a modern and trendy home.

If you are interested in the products described above or want to ship your products to China thanks to the service offered by Eurooo, do not hesitate to contact us!

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