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Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design

Molteni&C is a famous Italian furniture brand that has already become a true icon of style and quality, creating original and unique designs for contemporary homes.

24 June 2019 10 0

Molteni&C is an acclaimed Italian furniture brand and it’s one of the key players in the world’s furniture industry. Its design never gets old, in spite of the eighty years of hard and successful work. Undoubtfully, eighty years of experience for a company are a great achievement. Molteni&C made them in 2015 and the anniversary was celebrated during the Salone del Mobile (The Milan Furniture Fair) with the event 80!Molteni, which was organized at the prestigious Gallery of Modern Art. This show was set up by Jasper Morrison (a famous English product and furniture designer) and it quickly became a legend in the interior design world. The company’s selected pieces of furniture were photographed and exhibited in chronologic sequence, demonstrating all the important periods in the history of the Italian design industry. That’s why this show was transformed into a permanent exhibition.

Molteni&C was founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934 in Giussano, Brianza, the area famous for its artisan furniture production. His small artisan’s workshop grew into a company and later into an important international group, always successfully combining innovative technologies with traditional craftsmanship. We are talking about a story of perseverance, hard work and passion.

Molteni | Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design | eurooo.com

DODA Armchair by Molteni&C


In the 1950s Molteni&C was a leader in the production of classical bedroom furniture. The 1960s were the years of Italy’s economic boom and change was in the air. It was the period when influential architects, interior designers and technical experts contributed to the products and their production. Starting from traditional artisans’ techniques, Molteni&C managed to identify its own personal road to success, continuously studying innovative manufacturing methods and new raw materials. Thanks to its intuition and the hard work, Molteni&C became one of the top 10 Italian furniture brands, famous and renowned not only in Italy but in the whole world.


Molteni | Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design | eurooo.com

TEOREMA Drawer unit by Molteni&C


Today there are four branches of the company, each with its own specificity. Molteni&C deals with furniture for home interiors, Unifor manufactures office furniture, Dada is specialized in kitchen furniture and accessories, Citterio produces partitions and office furniture. That is why Molteni&C manages to produce Italian design furniture ranging from the most intimate areas of everyday life to large public spaces of representation. Homes, theaters, cruise ships, hotels and residences are just a part of a courageous program made possible by the complete control of the entire production cycle, starting from the choice of materials.

Molteni | Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design | eurooo.com

D.754.1 Carpet by Molteni&C


The main concept of all the collections created by Molteni&C is the fluidity with which the spaces and environments of the home communicate between themselves and blend together in perfect harmony. The sleeping area, the living and the dining rooms dialogue through the use of sophisticated selected materials such as natural wood, metal and glass. But what makes their collections even more special and unique is the contribution made by many of the biggest names in Italian and international design: Gio Ponti, Rodolfo Dordoni, Vincent Van Duysen, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Tobia Scarpa, Dante Bonuccelli, Michele de Lucchi, Ferruccio Laviani and many others.


Molteni | Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design | eurooo.com

D.153.1 Armchair by Molteni&C


The Heritage Collection by Molteni&C is a cultural and an artistic heritage of the company. It expresses Molteni&C desire to rediscover the traces of magnificent quality and style in the history of this iconic Italian furniture brand. The collection represents some of its most famous and acclaimed designs from 1934 to the present day. This collection includes four main proposals. The first one is an updated version of the first modern piece of furniture created by Molteni&C. It’s the storage unit MHC.1 designed by Werner Blaser in 1955 and now available in a limited edition of 100 pieces. This minimal and simple design won the first price during the international furniture design competition.

Molteni | Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design | eurooo.com

D.154.2 Armchair by Molteni&C


The design of the second furniture piece dates to a few years later, precisely to 1959. It is the bookcase MHC.2 created by Japanese designer Yasuhiko Itoh. It represents a perfect and harmonious fusion of Italian and Japanese cultures, creating unique and elegant forms. The third revisited design was created by Tobia Scarpa in 1986. It is Miss chair, a furniture piece that represents the memory of fine craftsmanship. And finally, there is the collection designed by Joe Ponti, offering some of his best iconic pieces and reflecting the main periods and styles of Italian furniture design.

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