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Moooi – extravagant and unique furniture design from the Netherlands

Transform your home in a stylish and unique fantasy world with design furniture and lighting created by Dutch brand Moooi.

04 July 2019 1240 0

Moooi is one of the main international companies to mention when we’re talking about luxurious interior design. This renowned Dutch furniture brand was founded in 2001 by Casper Vissers, a talented entrepreneur, and Marcel Wanders, a famous Dutch product and interior designer. This quite young company is named after the founders’ native Dutch word for beautiful - “Moooi”, with an extra “o”, though. Moooi has seduced and inspired the world with its extravagant and unique creations. Let’s find out together the secret of Moooi international success and some of the brand's more renowned designs.

The art director of this furniture company is Marcel Wanders, an internationally renowned Dutch designer who worked with some of the leading design companies all over the world. Describing Moooi’s main philosophy, Marcel Wanders said: “We don’t tell designers what to do, we listen to what designers want to make, try to realize their dreams.” This concept is perfectly reflected in the brand's collections of furniture and lighting. Moooi creations are playful, unique and extremely extravagant. Its furniture, lighting and home accessories are always on the edge of cultural interest and commercial reality. Moooi international success is the result of its fruitful collaboration with a number of talented designers who are absolutely welcome to give free rein to their creativity. Marcel Wanders himself designed some of the company’s best creations. Besides, the brand’s portfolio contains a number of models from internationally acclaimed designers: Edward van Vliet, Joost van Bleiswijk, Maarten Baas, Studio Job, Nika Zupanc, Arihiro Miyake and many others.

Moooi | Zio dining chair | eurooo.com

ZIO Dining chair by Moooi. Buy right now

Moooi is specialized in the production of design furniture, lighting and home accessories. Due to this unique mixture of extraordinary products, the brand manages to create extravagant and original interiors, full of bright colors and rich patterns. These elegant designs masterfully combine the character of antique traditions and the freshness of modern times. 

Moooi | PAPER PATCHWORK Cabinet | eurooo.com

PAPER PATCHWORK Cabinet by Moooi

The headquarters of the company are situated in Breda, in the Netherlands. Moooi is a young company but it has already managed to open flagship stores in some of the most important cities of the world. Moooi sells its products in more than 70 countries all over the world. Besides, the company regularly participates in the most prestigious furniture and interior design fairs and every year presents its new collections during the Milan Furniture Fair (the Salone del Mobile).


For example, last year during Milan design week the company presented its new collection in an installation called “A life Extraordinary”. The collection included some products created by two acclaimed names of interior design, Maarten Baas and Atelier Van Lieshout. This unique collection included furniture and lighting pieces inspired by the natural world.

Moooi | Altdeutsche cabinet | eurooo.com

ALTEDEUTSCHE CABINET by Moooi. Discover more about this unique design


One of the most extraordinary designs proposed by Moooi is undoubtedly Altdeutsche cabinet created by Studio Job, a European design company founded by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel. This original collection includes a cabinet, a chest of drawers and a clock. These furniture pieces were created as a tribute to traditional hand-painted designs. The intricated pattern of symbols painted on their surface creates a mysterious message that needs to be decoded. This collection represents the essence of life’s beauty and mystery. It becomes more than simple furniture; it offers you a unique philosophical experience. The Altdeutsche collection is made up of unique hand-made and hand-painted furniture, that looks very modern and vibrant. This collection is perfect for both classical and contemporary interiors and for those who want to add some extravagant and personal touches to their environments.

Moooi | Dandelion suspension lamp | eurooo.com

DANDELION Chandelier. Buy this unique suspension lamp


Dandelion chandelier was created by Richard Hutten, a talented Dutch interior designer. The design of this extraordinary lighting collection was inspired by the seed head of a dandelion flower. You can almost imagine the wind blowing away its seeds. The chandelier manages to transmit an explosive feeling of energy in motion. This dynamic and modern design will be perfect for a large and contemporary environment.

Moooi | Cloud Sofa | eurooo.com

CLOUD Sofa by Moooi


Cloud sofa was created by the company’s co-founder Marcel Wanders and perfectly expresses his extravagant and unique style. This sofa is a delightful vision of rounded shapes and cloud-like softness. This unique design can be personalized, choosing from a wide range of colors and patterns. Cloud sofa manages to transmit a sensation of being seated on a white soft cloud which reminds us of a cotton candy.

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