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BoConcept – minimalist and functional furniture from Denmark

BoConcept – minimalist and functional furniture from Denmark

BoConcept is a famous Danish furniture brand that represents a perfect mix of functional elegance, modern design and traditional quality.

BoConcept is an internationally renowned Danish furniture brand that was founded almost 70 years ago in 1952 by two talented craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm. BoConcept has managed to become one of the most influential and relevant design furniture manufacturers of the world.

The range of manufactured furniture has grown over the years, as well as the number of employees in BoConcept's factory in Denmark, where the furniture is still produced. BoConcept became Danish most global retail furniture chain, with more than 250 stores in more than 60 countries around the world. The secret of its international success is a perfect mix of artisan knowhow, innovative technologies, environmental sustainability, attention to detail and impeccable modern style.

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Scandinavian design is appreciated in all the world for its simplicity, impeccable artisanal quality and functionality. In particular, Denmark became a true symbol of minimalistic and practical interior design. It became possible thanks to some famous and talented Danish designers and architects. Their simple, modern and functional designs helped to write a new page in the history of interior design.

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The founders of BoConcept wanted to introduce Danish furniture to a broader international audience. The name of the company derives from the Danish word “bo” that means “living”, so BoConcept represents “The concept of living”. This name perfectly reflects the complex approach of the company to produce furniture for every room of the house, still remaining true to the Danish tradition.

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Get inspired by ROME Sofa by BoConcept

During its early years, BoConcept manufactured mostly dining room furniture, later it also added to its collections cabinets and wall systems. By the 70-s this Danish brand managed to double the number of its employees and its production lines also included bookcases and beds. At the beginning this young furniture company successfully combined traditional craftsmanship with the late Danish industrialization. As a result, BoConcept managed to meet increasing demand of the market. The brand was able to speed its production and maintain low its prices, without compromising the quality of its products so appreciated by it its customers. BoConcept adopted the main principles that made its furniture so admired in the world: the use of selected materials, simplicity, traditional craftsmanship and functionality.

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BoConcept’s international success was also driven by its fruitful collaboration with some talented and acclaimed designers who enriched its collections with some of the most iconic creations of the brand. Undoubtedly, one of the most famous designs created by BoConcept is Osaka sofa that was created by Anders Nørgaard, a talented and renowned Danish furniture designer and architect. Thanks to its slim design and compact forms, it is perfect for small spaces. Its elegant soft seats bring a classic look and add visual softness to any living environment. Osaka's inclined armrests give the sofa a modern and unique look, opening it up to the rest of the room. This design looks both classic and versatile, created to match styles from contemporary chic to minimalist Scandinavian.

BoConcept | Contemporary Danish Furniture | eurooo.com

OTTAWA Sofa by BoConcept. Discover more unique designs by this Danish brand


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