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Top 5 modern kitchens: the best Italian brands

Top 5 modern kitchens: the best Italian brands

Do you want to find out more about the most popular Italian brands, producing design modern kitchen furniture? Then let’s take a look at the top 5 Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers.

Italy is famous all around the world for many reasons. But what is the first thing that comes to our mind, when talking about this wonderful country? Most of us associate Italy with its incredible and healthful cuisine. For Italians meals become a real ritual, all the family gathers together, talking, laughing and enjoying their food together. That’s why for Italians the kitchen has always been the real heart of their house, the temple of family values and traditions. Italian furniture manufacturers and designers have spent decades creating the most practical, comfortable and stylish kitchens, produced respecting the traditional Italian craftsmanship and adopting innovative technologies. We would like to present you the top 5 Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers!

TM Italia | D90 Kitchen | eurooo.com

D90 modern kitchen by TM Italian. Buy right now!


TM Italia is a renowned Italian brand specialized in the production of high-end modern kitchen furniture. The brand was founded in 1951 in Ascoli Piceno by two Italian artisans who grew up in the family of carpenters. They wanted to produce high-quality and elegant kitchen furniture, harmoniously mixing together innovative production techniques and materials with Italian artisanal traditions. Forty years later their sons entered the family business and completely revolutionized the whole production process.

TM Italia | Petra Kitchen | eurooo.com

PETRA collection by TM Italia. Find out more about this unique modern design

Since the day of its foundation TM Italia has been following its own philosophy, producing highly-customizable design kitchen solutions. The customer has always been the heart of the brand’s business. That’s why TM Italia provides its clients with the unique opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors, dimensions, finishings and materials. The brand can be considered a true pioneer in the manufacturing of bespoken high-end kitchen furniture. TM Italia works directly with interior designers and homeowners, planning and creating real custom-made solutions.

Aran Cucine | Bijou Furniture Collection | eurooo.com

BIJOU high-end kitchen collection by Aran Cucine


Aran Cucine is another renowned Italian manufacturer which produces kitchens that become the true heart of any house, the place of conviviality and joy. The philosophy of this brand is based on the idea that the kitchen should be the most important room in any house, where all the family can join together in a beautiful and cozy environment. The main values of this Italian company are the respect of artisanal traditions, innovative and modern design, attention to details and to the quality of materials. These qualities distinguish Aran Cucine among thousands of kitchen brands, making its furniture renowned and appreciated all over the world.


VOLARE modern furniture collection by Aran Cucine

Aran Cucine was founded by Renzo Rastelly, a talented Italian businessman, who had a particular passion for design and furniture manufacturing. Just in few years his company managed to become a successful and internationally acclaimed kitchen furniture producer. For Aran Cucine designing a kitchen is not a simple manufacturing but creating a unique space where we can share emotions and everyday small pleasures with our family and friends.

Modulnova | Light Kitchen Collection | eurooo.com

Discover more about LIGHT kitchen collection by Modulnova


The story of Modulnova began more than thirty years ago in Friuli. This kitchen furniture brand was founded by three brothers: Dario, Carlo and Giuseppe Presotto, who grew up in the family of carpenters and wanted to express their passion for woodworking and design. The name of the brand was inspired by the Modular, an anthropometric scale of proportions created by Le Corbusier. It perfectly reflects the main aim of this company: to propose unique kitchen systems, that can be customized for every client, satisfying his functional and stylistic requirements. Today this tailor-made approach characterizes all Modulnova’s creations, ranging from kitchens to bathrooms and living rooms.

Modulnova | Fly Modern Kitchen Furniture | eurooo.com

Take a look at FLY modern kitchen by Modulnova

Modulnova’s collections are characterized by a tasteful and clean style, which harmoniously combines the simplicity of forms and the rational organization of space. Its kitchens are created to meet the needs of everyday practicality and functionality. Modulnova offers complete furnishing solutions for home living that mix together a unique contemporary style, an essential design, the use of selected materials and high levels of customization.

Dada | Hi-Line 6 Kitchen Collection | eurooo.com

Do you like this modern design? Discover more about HI-LINE 6 kitchen collection by Dada


Dada is an acclaimed furniture kitchen manufacturer which was born in 1926. This small carpentry workshop was founded by Angelo Garavaglia and soon grew up, becoming part of the Molteni group. Thanks to the use of innovative materials, modern manufacturing techniques, constant high quality and impeccable modern designs, Dada became an acclaimed producer of high-end kitchens, appreciated by clients all over the world.

Dada | Indada Kitchen Collection | eurooo.com

INDADA design kitchen by Dada. Click here!

Dada has managed to gain an international success and place itself between the best high-end furniture producers also thanks to its collaboration with the most talented and acclaimed designers. The company works with such important names of design as Vincent Van Duysen, Luca Meda, Dante Bonuccelli, Nicola Gallizia, Ferruccio Laviani and many others. The essential element that units all the brand’s kitchen collections is the possibility to combine specific elements from different series in order to create unique and original solutions. Experimentation and design have always been the hallmarks of Dada kitchens.

Valcucine | Artematica Kitchen Collection | eurooo.com

Are you looking for modern and stylish kitchen furniture? Then take a look at ARTEMATICA collection by Valcucine


Valcucine is a famous Italian furniture brand that has been producing high-end elegant kitchens for almost 40 years. Since the moment of its foundation in 1980, Valcucine has remained faithful to its main missions and values, creating contemporary and timeless designs. The brand has always tried to create functional modular kitchen furniture that could perfectly fit into the modern busy life. The contemporary world is stressful enough, so the main goal of a modern kitchen should be that of creating a practical and comfortable environment where you can cook without feeling any kind of fatigue.

Valcucine | Italian Modern Kitchen | eurooo.com

RICICLATICA kitchen collection by Valcucine. Discover more!

Valcune perfectly understands the importance of producing kitchens using only environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing methods. If you want to live in a non-toxic and ethical environment, Valcucine kitchen furniture may become your best choice. Valcucine is an Italian brand that realizes the importance of conquering the international market. Today this renowned kitchen furniture company in present in almost 400 showrooms all over the world.

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