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Longhi – hand-made Italian furniture you’ll be longing for

Longhi – hand-made Italian furniture you’ll be longing for

If you’re looking for luxurious hand-made Italian furniture that will transform your home into a true temple of elegance, then Longhi is the right choice for you. Let’s find out more about the history of this Italian high-end furniture brand and its refined products.

Today we would like to talk about the history of an Italian furniture company which helps sustain and promote the global reputation of the prestigious “Made in Italy” mark. Longhi was born in the city of Meda, the area known all over the world as the heartland of the artisanal furniture workshops and industries.

Longhi is family-run company, producing luxurious hand-made furniture, that was founded in the 1950s and has always remained committed to the pursuit of craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality standards. Nowadays Longhi offers a wide range of modern indoor furniture, from bookcases and cabinets to sliding glass room dividers, benches and sofas.

Longhi | Welles Italian hand-made sofa | eurooo.com

Discover more about WELLES Sofa by Longhi

Longhi’s main focus is contemporary living. The company is always mindful of changes in taste and tendencies, but it remains faithful to Italian manufacturing traditions and style. The use of precious materials, attention to details and ongoing research are the main values that characterize all the creations by Longhi. Passion and elegance go hand in hand with harmonious combinations. Each piece of Longhi’s hand-made furniture is very often made to measure. All the materials are specifically selected and processed with natural environmentally friendly proceedings. Precious high-quality materials are transformed into unique elegant pieces that are 100% Made in Italy.  

Longhi | ELDA Joe Colombo's Modern Armchair | eurooo.com

Get inspired by Joe Colombo's ELDA Armchair by Longhi

One of the most famous models created by Longhi is probably Elda Armchair. This model was created by Joe Colombo in 1963. In his brief but brilliant career, Joe Colombo created a series of innovative designs which made him one of the most influential Italian product designers. Joe Colombo loved working with plastic and other progressive materials. Elda was the first large chair to utilize a self-supporting frame in fiberglass. Its soft cushions, rotating base and generous proportions provide a great deal of comfort. Elda Armchair reminds you a safe cocoon. Besides, the sound is muted for the person sitting in this comfortable armchair. Elda Armchair is produced in multiple colors of leather.

Longhi | ELDA Joe Colombo's Modern Armchair | eurooo.com


This is one of Colombo’s first pieces of furniture designed and named after his wife Elda. The Elda lounge chair is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and the Louvre in Paris. Elda Armchair soon became the real trademark of Colombo and he loved to sit on it with his inseparable pipe. Elda Armchair looks so futuristic that it was featured in the film The Hunger Games and it was also picked as the seat of choice for science fiction series Space 1999.

Longhi | TILES Modern marble coffee table | eurooo.com

TILES Coffee table by Longhi. Buy right now

One of the characteristics that sets Longhi apart from other Italian furniture makers is the diversity of its products. The company manufactures luxurious hand-made furniture that ranges from tables and chairs, to beds, bookcases, lamps, rugs, internal doors and outdoor furniture, offering customers a complete living solution. Longhi recognizes the importance of globalization and it has already successfully conquered various international markets. This Italian furniture company aims to continue developing its exclusive high-end products and the genuine made in Italy quality.

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