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8 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Home Decorating Style

8 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Home Decorating Style

Not sure where to start to create a home that really reflects your personality? These 8 easy steps will help you determine your home decorating style and make your home feel cozy and comfortable

Our home provides us with the perfect canvas to show off our unique personality. Therefore, it should not only feel comfortable but also reflect our lifestyle. All too often, this is easier said than done. When making decision about the interior design style, try to clear your mind from all the preconceptions you have about home decorating. Stop thinking about what is trendy and fashionable, instead start focusing on what you like, without limiting yourself in any possible way. Follow our easy steps to discovering your home interior style and create a unique design that will perfectly reflect your personality.

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What atmosphere do you want to create in your home? What kind of vibe would you like your interiors to give off? Do you want to create warm and romantic atmosphere or maybe hipster and cool? Ask yourself these fundamental questions before making any decision about your home décor. When you have figured out what kind of atmosphere you want to create, try to think backwards to identify what kind of furniture, what colors or what kind of fabrics you would use to accomplish your vision.

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Do you have a song you would never grow tired of listening to or a book you would read a hundred times? It happens to all of us, and it is very important not to neglect the things we really like, because they define who you are as a person. Ask yourself this question: what are the colors, the objects, the materials you loved, while growing up? What are the ones that today echo more soundly in your heart? While decorating your home, surround yourself with some objects that you will never get tired of.

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If you think about it, the way we choose our clothes and the way we dress can say a lot about ourselves, our taste and personality. So take a good look at your favorite clothing items. Pay attention to the colors and textures. You may have never thought about this, but your clothes can be a great source of inspiration for your home décor. Are your clothes mostly neutral? If so, you may prefer a neutral color palette for your home. Are your favorite clothes made with lots of color and bold patterns? If so, go for a similar look when choosing textiles for your home.

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We all have a dream house, pictured in our mind with of our favorite interior design items. Make a list of all those objects that you would like to buy for your home and be as specific and precise as possible. Sometimes this type of exercise helps you think outside the box. Even if you never end up buying anything from your dream list, it will help you organize your thoughts, before organizing your interiors. Ask yourself this question: how would you describe the objects in your wish list? Try to think of which aspect of those designs makes you more enthusiastic, what characteristics make them special and unique to you.

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If you are currently trying to improve your home décor, perhaps there are some objects in your home that you don’t love very much, but you probably do have some favorite and cherished items. Go around the house and take pictures of the objects you love. Looking at those objects on the photos will help you see them in a new light, from a new perspective. After this process, you will know for sure which pieces of furniture and accessories can stay in the house after the renovation, and which ones, instead, you have to say goodbye to.


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If you love gardening or simply spending your time enjoying nature, it is fundamental to include some greenery in your home décor or simply to get some inspiration looking at your own garden, at the front yards of your neighbors or at public spaces.


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Where we dream of traveling may say a lot about our style and personality. We have already learned by now how our wishes can be the best source of inspiration for home décor. So, if you could get on an airplane right now, where would you go? Let your imagination guide you, and choose a decoration item that reminds you of your ideal destination.

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Once you’ve put together the home décor of your dreams, it’s time to be practical. You need to fix a budget and invest accordingly. Of course, having a limitless budget would be ideal, but if you do have to limit how much you spend on furniture and renovating, you also need to decide exactly where to let your hard-earned money flow. It’s always a matter of being realistic: write down exactly how much money you’re willing to spend on your interiors, and how.

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