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Ulivi Salotti: Impeccable Italian Style for Your Living Room

Are you looking for stylish and fresh ideas for your living room? Then discover Ulivi Salotti! This top Italian leather sofas manufacturer is exactly what you’re looking for!

29 August 2019 18 0

Restyling your living room may be rather difficult and tricky. This is the room where your family and guests will be spending most of their time and you naturally want it to be impeccable and stylish. Renowned Italian furniture brand Ulivi Salotti is here to take care of it all. This Italian furniture company was established in 1972 in Tuscany, the region that represents the roots of Italian art and culture. Ulivi Salotti is one of the top Italian leather sofas manufacturers. Its luxury handmade Italian furniture collections are inspired by the tradition of Tuscany craftsmanship. Ulivi Salotti is specialized in genuine Italian leathers, European woods and exotic materials, used to create timeless modern furniture design.

Ulivi Salotti | ALISON Modern brown genuine leather sofa | eurooo.com

Get inspired by ALISON Sofa by Ulivi Salotti

What is the secret of Ulive Salotti’s huge success? First of all, its creativity. Designers at Ulivi Salotti never stop looking for the next best design, they create in an atmosphere that values creativity, curiosity and research. This Italian furniture brand firmly believes that constant research is what creates success. Ulivi Salotti is excellent at refining its designs across decades of activity, keeping up with the times and delivering modern and contemporary furniture collections. This Italian artisanal furniture manufacturer went from being only known locally to becoming a renowned brand with international reputation for its style and quality.

Ulivi Salotti | BILLY Italian black leather sofa | eurooo.com

BILLY Leather sofa by Ulivi Salotti. Buy right now!

Secondly, another quality what makes Ulivi Salotti renowned all over the world is the constant and successful dialogue between past and present, tradition and innovation. Firmly settled halfway between modern industry and handcraft, Ulivi Salotti’s history shows us that Tuscany is truly the region where family traditions are passed down from one generation to another, creating some of the best manufacturers in the world. The international expansion of the company has left unchanged the artisan spirit that characterized its origins and which is based on attention to detail, experience in the selection of fine materials such as vegetable tanned genuine Tuscan leather, solid wood, exotic materials and many other, as well as the ability to customize colors and finishes.

Ulivi Salotti | JONNY Contemporary design brown leather sofa | eurooo.com

JONNY Tuscan genuine leather sofa by Ulivi Salotti. Discover more!

Apart from that, the quality has always been the main value of this Italian furniture manufacturer. Because of this, every step of its production process, from the customer’s request to the actual production of the piece of furniture, is studied in every minimal detail. Quality checks are regularly carried out and no detail is ever overlooked. The company’s choice of craftsmanship over an industrial production may mean that the creation of furniture piece can take longer than we are used to in our frenetic modern world. However, Ulivi Salotti’s customers know that their patience will be generously recompensed and they will be presented with a tailored piece of luxury furniture.

Ulivi Salotti | DORITHY Modern black leather armchair | eurooo.com

DOROTHY Armchair by Ulivi Salotti. Create your perfect reading nook!

Ulivi Salotti started out as a company whose main focus was on the living room. But considering their steadily growing international success, they decided to expand their production, which now includes everything you need if you love Italian interior design and wish to style your whole house accordingly. The collections of Ulivi Salotti don’t just include leather sofas, but they are enriched by stylish and practical furniture pieces for your bedroom and dining room. What you will really appreciate about these furniture pieces is that they are created to last for decades. With Ulivi Salotti you can be absolutely sure that their furniture will be with you and your family for generations!

Ulivi Salotti | ORION Modern Italian round dining table | eurooo.com

ORION Dining table by Ulivi Salotti. Get more details!

Undoubtedly, there’s some high-quality and durable furniture that you wouldn’t still want to have around in twenty years’ time, and that’s mainly because of its style. Some trends go and don’t come back and then you’ll be stuck with some unfashionable furniture pieces. We can assure you that you will not have this kind of problem with stylish and durable furniture by Ulivi Salotti. The brand creates truly timeless designs that will never look out of place and old style.

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