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The 3 Best Italian Sofa Brands in 2019

Discover the top 3 Italian sofa brands for this year, demonstrating the true Made in Italy design and quality.

03 September 2019 19 0

Italy is internationally recognized as a cradle of culture and art. Moreover, it’s considered one the international centers of fashion and design. Some of the most famous high-end furniture brands are from Italy. Innovation, design and impeccable style characterize all Italian luxurious furniture, making this country the producer of the most stylish and high-quality sofas. So let’s find out more about the three best Italian sofa makers in 2019.



On the third place of our chart you can find the Italian high-end sofa maker Molteni&C. This contemporary furniture brand was founded by Angelo Molteni in 1934 in Giussano, Brianza, the area renowned for its high-end customizable furniture production. Its design never gets old, in spite of the eighty years of hard and successful work. Molteni&C perfectly knows that the sofa is the real heart of any living room, the center of attention that should reflect the character and taste of its owner. That’s why Molteni’s sofas have many characters. The modern, elegant design sofas from its collections can complete any interior. They are created by the most famous Italian and international designers, such as Feruccio Laviani, Rodolfo Dordoni, Vincent Van Duysen, Jean Nouvel and Hannes Wettstein. 

Molteni | LUCAS Modern grey Italian design sofa | eurooo.com

LUCAS modern sofa by Molteni&C. Discover more about this design!

Molteni | HI-BRIDGE Modern red corner sofa | eurooo.com

Do you like this stylish design by Molteni&C? Then get more information about HI-BRIDGE modular sofa

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Poltrona Frau is another famous high-end Italian furniture brand, and it fully deserves the second place in our popularity chart. Leather sofas and armchairs by this sophisticated brand are a combination of classic elegance and contemporary appeal. This year these comfortable and stylish sofas furnished thousands of homes all over the world, reaching the top positions of the market’s favorite brands. Established in 1912, Poltrona Frau continues to want to improve its technologies and manufacturing processes, combining modern design and implementing a rigorous process of working materials in order to create a high-end design product.

Poltrona Frau | CHESTER brown leather sofa | eurooo.com

CHESTER sofa by Poltrona Frau. A classy design that will never get old

Poltrona Frau | DEZZA brown and white leather sofa | eurooo.com

DEZZA sofa by Poltrona Frau. An extravagant design for those who appreciate uniqueness and style

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To the top of our little chart, stands Natuzzi.  This Italian furniture company has almost sixty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of fine upholstery sofas. This famous brand has always managed to be successful and create designs that could meet the needs and tastes of clients all over the world. Despite becoming an important international producer of luxurious sofas, Natuzzi design furniture is still renowned for the craftsmanship skills of the amazing artisans who produce it, not to mention the creativity of the designers who first create it.

Natuzzi | FURROW modern brown leather sofa | eurooo.com

FURROW modern sofa by Natuzzi. Buy right now!

Natuzzi | TEMPO modern corner grey leather sofa | eurooo.com

TEMPO modern Italian high-end sofa by Natuzzi. Get inspired by this elegant design

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