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5 Main Feng Shui House Design Rules That Should Never Be Broken

5 main Feng Shui rules you need to know if you want to decorate your house according to this ancient oriental art of placement

05 September 2019 5 0

Undoubtedly, you’ve already heard about Feng Shui and its good practices for a proper flow of positive energy. This ancient Chinese art has specific rules for every aspect of life, and the way we decorate our house is not neglected. According to Feng Shui house design principles, spaces, colors, materials and furniture arrangement can influence our mental and physical health and harmony. Therefore, these elements should be reorganized according to some main Feng Shui rules that will help contribute to the perfect equilibrium of the environment. So let’s see together how Feng Shui works and how it can be applied to your interior.

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1) Colors

If you are thinking of painting from scratch or repainting the walls of the rooms in your house, pay attention to the colors you prefer. The choice must not be random and must be adequate for each environment. The art of Feng Shui says that certain colors can help create better physical and mental health, some can stimulate the mind and improve the mood, while others can help increase productivity and effectiveness at work.

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Feng Shui experts advice to use red or orange colors for your living room, they will facilitate conversation with your family or friends. Blue and green in the bedroom promote relaxation and restful sleep, while pink stimulates romance and passion. According to Feng Shui principles, you can use yellow in the kitchen, this color stimulates the appetite and gives energy from the beginning of the day, starting from the moment of breakfast.

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2) Mirrors

Mirrors are rightfully considered one of the main Feng Shui elements, that can draw the flow of positive energies. Remember that according to Feng Shui rules, visible mirrors should never be placed in the bedroom. The presence of a mirror near your bed could disturb sleep. If you still need a mirror in the bedroom, you can place it on one of the internal doors of the wardrobe or in a corridor outside of your bedroom.

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3) Materials

According to Feng Shui house design principles, you should use materials that are as natural as possible, such as metal, wood and stone. The wooden windows and floors allow to obtain a continuity, at least from a visual point of view, between the external natural environments and the interior of the house. Try to avoid synthetic materials and plastics.  

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4)  Sofa and bed placement

The placement of the furniture is one of the main Feng Shui principles. The bed must never be positioned directly in front of the door, it will create more relaxing and quite situation. The door must be far from the eye while trying to sleep.

According to Feng Shui rules, the sofa should be positioned in the living room so that it faces the entrance door. This way whoever enters your house will immediately perceive the presence of a symbol of welcome and hospitality. It must also be placed with the back near the wall, to give a sense of protection to those who sit on it.

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5) Decluttering

One of the most crucial Feng Shui rules is the order. According to Feng Shui, the accumulation of unused or untidy objects prevents the flow of positive energies and can create situations of stasis that can negatively affect the well-being of domestic life. Therefore, try to tidy up every day and get rid of what is not needed, obviously in the most ecological way possible. Do not accumulate and follow a very simple principle: the right is enough.

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