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3 Best Danish Design Furniture Brands to Get to Know in 2019

If you like sleek and minimalist Danish design, find out more about the 3 best Danish furniture brands.

06 September 2019 10 0

The Danish style has managed to become incredibly popular all over the world. This interior design trend is marked by its focus on clean lines and simplicity, minimalism and functionality without sacrificing elegance and beauty. If you also like this modern and sleek style, discover more about our 3 best Danish high-end furniture brands.

HAY | MAGS Modern brown leather sofa | eurooo.com

Do you like this elegant modern Danish design? Then discover more about MAGS leather sofa by Hay


The modern Scandinavian style can be perfectly represented by the furniture and home accessories created by Hay. This young and innovative Danish high-end furniture brand was founded only some years ago, in 2002. Hay perfectly combines a bold innovative style with the strong Danish design heritage. The main aim of its founders was to produce durable design furniture and home accessories at affordable prices to allow as many people as possible to enjoy their excellent design.

HAY | SLIHOUETTE Modern grey two-seat sofa | eurooo.com

Find out more about SILHOUETTE Sofa by Hay

The first furniture collection created by Hay was presented during the international design fair IMM Cologne in 2003 and only one year later this design brand opened its first store in Copenhagen. Nowadays Hay is a renowned Danish furniture company, that collaborates both with young promising talents and with internationally acclaimed designers and architects. Hay’s style is joyful, simple and based on the belief that contemporary design should harmoniously combine a creative approach, innovative technologies and quality materials. This theory proves to be successful since some of Hay’s designs have already received multiple international awards.

MUUTO | CONNECT Modern red sofa | eurooo.com

If you are looking for a modern and stylish design, CONNECT sofa by Muuto may be the perfect solution for you!


Muuto is another young Danish high-end furniture brand that was founded in 2006. The brand’s name, Muuto, derives from “muutos” that means new perspectives, changes and rebuilding in Finnish. This concept perfectly reflects the company’s philosophy and its visionary goal.

MUUTO | AROUND Modern black low coffee table | eurooo.com

Create your unique Scandinavian interior with AROUND coffee table by Muuto

Muuto’s founders believe that the road to success for modern Danish design lies in a strong belief in the best young designers. The brand gives its designers the freedom and the inspiration to create new and innovative designs and to express all their creativity and talent. Muuto’s designers all originate from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, helping to preserve the Scandinavian furniture design tradition. Muuto collaborates with such famous international designers as Norway Says, Harri Koskinen, Louise Campbell and Claesson Koivisto Rune.

BOCONCEPT | OSAKA Modern corner pink sofa | eurooo.com

Get inspired by this joyful design! Buy right now OSAKA sofa by Boconcept



BoConcept is a famous Danish luxury furniture brand that was created in 1952. The founders of BoConcept opened their company with the ambition to introduce Danish furniture to a broader audience. The final result has actually managed to top all their expectations. BoConcept had all the time to become the most global retail furniture chain in Denmark, with more than 250 stores in 64 countries around the world.

BOCONCEPT | HAMPTON Modern corner grey sofa | eurooo.com

Do you want to create a stylish and modern living room? Then find out more about HAMPTON sofa by Boconcept

Nowadays BoConcept is probably the most acclaimed Danish furniture brand, specialized in the production of highly customizable luxury furniture and home accessories, created by famous and talented international designers. BoConcept’s international success was also driven by its fruitful collaboration with some talented and acclaimed designers who enriched its collections with some of the most iconic creations of the brand. 


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