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How to Decorate a Reading Room at Home

If you love reading and want to decorate a stylish and comfortable reading room at home, follow our simple and practical tips and create your own reading nook.

07 October 2019 24 0

If you are a true book lover, you will need a favourite spot where you can indulge in your hobby, some quite place, where you can fully immerge in the adventures of your favourite novel and appreciate the beauty of its literary world at best. However, it goes without saying that you deserve to treat yourself to an actual reading room, or at least to a cozy reading nook! After all, it doesn’t really make too much difference how spacious or small your house is: there is such an infinity of bookcases, armchairs and sofas, that you’re bound to find the option that suits you best. Read the article and discover how to decorate a stylish and functional reading room at home.

Daytona | SUE armchair | eurooo.com

SUE comfortable armchair by Daytona


If you’re a true bookworm, a wall bookcase has probably been on your wish list for years. Just imagine how many books you could store in there! This option is great if your living room or reading room is spacious. However, we would discourage you to get one if you’re thinking of styling a small room with it: it may make it look a bit stuffy and cramped. 

Pacini & Cappellini | BABELE bookcase | eurooo.com

BABELE spacious wall bookcase by Pacini & Cappellini


When decorating your perfect reading room, you should be thinking about where to sit too! If your reading room is actually just a corner in your studio apartment, a comfy armchair will have to be enough; still, you can make it even cozier by selecting a coordinated footstool: all the comfort of a sofa in less than half the space!

Natuzzi | REVIVE leather armchair and foot stool | eurooo.com

REVIVE leather armchair and foot stool by Natuzzi


When creating your reading corner, you shouldn't forget about lighting. What kind of lighting solution is it best to employ? Without a shadow of a doubt, we’d say a stylish and functional floor lamp! A discrete light source that will shed a light over your pages.

Foscarini | White floor lamp | eurooo.com

Discover stylish and practical lighting solutions by Foscarini


Of course, did you think we were not going to suggest getting a warm and soft blanket to keep you super cozy while you’re reading your book? It’s going to look even better if you can choose a colorful design blanket.

Valentina Hoyos | Home textiles | eurooo.com

Choose stylish and practical textiles by Valentina Hoyos

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